3 Fun Camping Drinking Games for Adults

camping drinking games

Ah, Mother Nature. Ain’t she great?! A chance to get away from city life, to drink in the fresh air and stretch out your tired legs from the daily grind. We love a good camping trip. It offers a way to restore and revive your energy, to get in some exercise and a whole new way to bond with your buddies. Now you can make wilderness trips even better – by learning a few camping drinking games for adults.

After all, what happens after the hike? Once you’ve devoured whatever delights you’ve cooked up over the open fire? Are you meant to go to bed?!

In all likeliness, you won’t get to sleep. Not when it’s dark by only 8pm and you’ve the roaring sounds of nature in your ears. You need a way to wind down – and there’s only so many funny college memories/spooky ghost stories you can share.

Fear not, friend. We’ve created a list of 3 fun camping drinking games to enjoy before you crawl back into your tent, ready for a well-deserved snoozefest. So have a read, hit the liquor store and get ready for a camping trip to remember!

drinking games for adult

What Great Camping Drinking Games for Adults Include

There are hundreds of options you can choose from. Because you can turn any of your favorite card games, word association games, or hand-eye coordination games into a booze fest. And no doubt your friends can offer up a few ideas of their own.

But the ones we’ve chosen for this list have the following attributes in common:

  • They’re a little “off-the-wall” – in our opinion, the wackier, the better!
  • They’re suited to all personality types, so the whole crew will enjoy playing
  • They give you a chance to get to know your friends better
  • They need a little brain power, too – so you’re not just downing a shot every time you hear the word “Roxanne”!

These drinking games have been tried, tested and enjoyed by our team. Now it’s your turn!

Playing Drinking Games When Camping: Words of Warning

Before we get into the games themselves, allow us to share a little advice. Because your camping trip will be a lot less fun if you’ve got a killer hangover for your Day 2 hike!

So remember to pace yourself – you may not have the tolerance of your buddies! – and drink plenty of water during the day, before you begin. Especially if it’s been hot; you don’t want severe dehydration making your hangover even worse! Don’t start drinking too early, either. Sure, it’s tempting to chug back cans as soon as you arrive! But at least wait until you have the tent up and food close to being in your belly.

Finally – and we shouldn’t even need to say this – ensure you don’t need to drive that night or early the next morning. It’s a no-brainer.

Now, with the parental talk over, let’s get to the fun stuff: with our top 3 games to play around the campfire.

1. Never Have I Ever

This drinking game never, ever gets old! No matter how long you’ve known your best buddies, there’s bound to be some skeletons lurking in your closets. And this game brings those skeletons out into the light through some booze-addled confessions.

It ticks all the boxes of our requirements for the best drinking games when camping. It can get pretty wacky; depending on what you choose to reveal! Shy members of the group can share something less personal while the really confident ones can go wild. All those shared experiences provide a helluva way to bond – and you’ll have to use your brain, to cast your mind down memory lane!

What you need:

  • Alcohol of your choice: either in cans or in cups if you’re drinking wine/spirits. Several people must drink at once so “passing a bottle” won’t work in this case!
  • An open mind and encouraging attitude!

How to play:

  • If you like, you can throw some dice or draw straws to decide who goes first
  • The first player starts by “revealing” something about themselves that isn’t true, or something they’ve never done. They begin with the words: “Never have I ever”…

Example: Never have I ever had a tattoo.

  • If any of the other campers have had a tattoo, now or at any point, they must take a drink. Decide in advance whether this will be a shot or just a swig of beer – it may depend on how early you plan on getting up in the morning!

Don’t hold back with your statements – creativity is key – and don’t be afraid to take a sip if you have done the proclaimed ‘never’. After all, finding out each other’s big dirty secrets will likely bring you guys even closer.

2. The Alphabet Game

Less of a bonding opportunity, and more of a chance to get drunk quickly (which will probably lead to more bonding, right?!), the Alphabet Game is simple. Plus, it fits all personalities. So even if there’s a new member to your group, who may not be able to reminisce over college memories, this game lets them get fully – and tipsily! – involved.

What you need:

  • An alcoholic drink for each player. Maybe use this as one of your camping beer games – anything stronger and you may regret it!
  • A quick mind and the ability to not slur your words…

How to play:

  • Nominate one player to start, or draw straws.
  • That player chooses a theme: like sports, groceries or – if you want to lower the tone – sexual positions.
  • The same player starts with a word within that theme. It must begin with A.
  • The next player gives a word beginning with B, also within that theme.
  • Continue around the circle, going through the alphabet, until someone “runs out of words” and must drink.
  • Continue the theme until everyone’s had to drink, then start a new theme.

Example: Theme = Sport
Player 1: Archery
Player 2: Badminton
Player 3: Cricket

You get the idea! This game gets pretty tricky once you’ve had a few. Often, Player 1 is so busy thinking of a wacky theme, they don’t have an “A” word ready and are the first to drink!

If you want to make it harder, add the other players’ items to your answer so it’s a memory and word association game in one. Using the example above, Player 4 would have to list: “Archery, Badminton, Cricket” before he/she could add “Dodgeball” to the list.

3. Cup Swap

While not a whole lot of brain power is required for this one, it does ask for a lot of hand-eye coordination! It’s a great way to get everyone involved and have a giggle – and it’s a more active game than the others on this list. Perfect if that campfire is making you dozey!

You’ll learn soon enough that it’s more than a little wacky, too…

What you need:

  • Two cups, in front of each player. One must be filled with the alcohol of your choice, the other must be empty
  • One spoon per player: teaspoons will make it even harder!
  • A timer on your phone
  • A steady hand and a ton of patience!

How to play:

  • Place a spoon and both cups (one full, one empty) in front of each player.
  • Set a 60-second timer.
  • Each player needs to swap the liquid from the full cup into the empty cup – using only the spoon – before the timer runs out.
  • When 60 seconds are up, players need to down whatever’s left from their first cup!

This one has the potential to get silly, shouty and very messy. But it’s a lot of fun, and we think you’ll love it!

camping games

Final Thoughts: Be a Happy Camper!

No doubt you will, with these fun camping drinking games for adults. You may not be the happiest camper in the morning but hey – after an evening of drinking, laughing and bonding with your friends, it’ll be worth the sore head.

We did our best to think of “thinking drinking games”; not just your usual beer pong and flip cup. (They’re fun, of course, but these ones are better suited for the campfire, when you’re winding down and just want to kick back with your friends.) So we hope you’ve enjoyed our list and that you’ll try these games during your next outdoor adventure!

Last thing: Remember to drink responsibly, y’hear?! No early morning drives for you until you’re sure you’re in the clear. Just enjoy your time together in the Great Outdoors. Stretch out those legs, fill up those lungs (with fresh air, not cold beer!) and enjoy this time to get to know your friends even better. Use the camping trip to create memories that’ll last…long after you’ve cleaned out your muddy tent.

Have fun!

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