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I am an outdoor lover for many years and like to spend most of my free time in the nature. At some point, I told myself "I should share my passion with the world" and that is why I love to spend many hours writing for this blog.
Hiking vs Trekking

Hiking vs Trekking: What’s the Difference?

We hear the terms all the time. Our friends go out hiking, but some of them say they’ve gone out trekking. So when it...
camping drinking games

3 Fun Camping Drinking Games for Adults

Ah, Mother Nature. Ain’t she great?! A chance to get away from city life, to drink in the fresh air and stretch out your...
best lakes in mammoth california

7 Most Beautiful Lakes in Mammoth Lakes California

Mammoth Lakes is one of the most aesthetically pleasing areas in the state of California. Located in the East Sierra, Mammoth Lakes is surrounded...
does hiking burn belly fat

Does Hiking Burn Belly Fat? All Facts Revealed

Yes, hiking does burn belly fat because it combines aerobic and strength exercise. Hiking with a 20lb pack burns around 121 calories per mile...
how to make a fire with nothing

How to Make a Fire With Nothing? 11 Pro Methods

Starting a fire with the use of matches or a lighter is easy. Most people tend to struggle if they have to make it...
how to sleep comfortably in a tent

How to Sleep Comfortably in a Tent – 10 Pro Tips

It is no secret that outdoor adventures such as hiking and camping are fun and memorable. But, one of the biggest challenges that outdoor...
is it safe to drink rain water

Can You Drink Rain Water? Let’s Find Out!

Is it safe to drink the water collected when it rains? Drinking rain seems so natural. Most people assume the answer is “yes.” However,...
how to get campfire smell out of clothes

How to Get Campfire Smell Out of Clothes

Fires are one of the best parts of outdoor life. Starting the day by drinking a hot cup of your beverage of choice while...
how to insulate a tent

How to Insulate a Tent To Stay Warm

Campers love to camp but hate being cold. Camping in the cold seasons challenges any camper’s ability to stay warm outdoors. The cold seems...
how fast can a bear run

How Fast Can a Bear Run in the Wild?

Faster than you. Let’s hope you’re faster than your hiking companion! The truth is bears of nearly all species run faster than people. When...