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I am an outdoor lover for many years and like to spend most of my free time in the nature. At some point, I told myself "I should share my passion with the world" and that is why I love to spend many hours writing for this blog.
camping while pregnant

Camping While Pregnant, What is Possible?

You recently found out you're pregnant, and now you're afraid to do anything. And maybe you're so tense that even going for a walk...
what to wear on a hiking date

What to Wear on a Hiking Date? – Full Guide

When you think of a perfect date, you usually picture yourself with your special one in a restaurant. Eating together is nice, but there...
how far can a bear smell

How Far Can a Bear Smell? Tips to Stay Safe

If you want the short answer to the question of how far can a bear smell it’s this – much further than you think!...
what are switchbacks while hiking

What are Switchbacks While Hiking?

If you’ve just started hiking and thought the only new thing you’d have to learn was how to lace your boot, you'd be very...
how to lubricate zipper

How to Lubricate Zippers Correctly?

When it comes to camping or even everyday life, not many things are more frustrating than having a broken zipper. Once you understand how...
how should chacos fit

How Should Chacos Fit? 5 Tips to Find Your Sandals

To know how should Chacos fit, read on and we’ll help you to avoid the common Chacos sizing pitfalls and find the right foot-based...
how far apart should trees be for a hammock

How Far Apart Should Trees be for a Hammock?

There are some questions in life that you never ask yourself until the exact moment you need the answer. How high can an angry...
Why are Yeti coolers so expensive

Why are Yeti Coolers So Expensive?

If you're reading this, you already know what a Yeti cooler is and you’re not here in search of the Abominable Snowman. Look elsewhere, squatchers!...
how to keep food cold while camping

How to Keep Food Cold While Camping?

Camping is one of the best ways to relax.  Most people love the outdoors, allowing them to get some tranquility from the urban rush....
canyon lake swimming arizona

Canyon Lake Swimming in Arizona – 5 Spots

Arizona is a desert state in the United States. It has many swimming holes, and there are plenty of hiking opportunities available. Canyon Lake...