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I am an outdoor lover for many years and like to spend most of my free time in the nature. At some point, I told myself "I should share my passion with the world" and that is why I love to spend many hours writing for this blog.
best hammock rain fly

Best Hammock Rain Fly To Stay Dry

A hammock is one of the most essential items that you use for camping. The main problems that you all face is no protection...
How to start a fire with a battery

How to Start a Fire with a Battery – 7 Methods

If anyone has ever been a Boy Scout or a Girl Guide in school, they most likely would have been taught how to start...
Solar powered fan for camping

8 Best Solar Powered Fans for Camping To Stay Cool

Camping can be one of the most satisfying outdoor activities however, during the summers it can quickly become an annoyance. With a scorching sun...
Sawyer mini vs lifestraw light

Sawyer Mini vs LifeStraw – Beat the Thirst in the Wild

People who spend a lot of time in nature know that drinking water is an essential part of every survival kit. What they also...
Best survival kit

Best Survival Kits You Will Find on the Market

Life-threatening situations do not come with a warning. You need to ensure you’re well-prepared in the face of any disaster. Outdoorsmen who go for...
Best altimeter watch

The 9 Best Altimeter Watches You Will Find in 2019

An altimeter is usually a barometer used to measure altitude with air pressure readings. The higher you go, the less the atmospheric pressure and...
Best camping tents for tall people

Find the Best Camping Tents for Tall People!

When it comes to tent manufacturing, the main concern of the company is to make it compact and easy to carry, as a result,...
Multi-colored paracord survival bracelet

How to Make Multi-Colored Paracord Survival Bracelet

The outdoors isn’t for the faint-hearted, but strong, and daring souls. Only the strong-willed can persevere against all odds and survive outdoors. Imagine being outdoors for just...
Best sleeping pad for hammock

Best Sleeping Pads for Hammock in 2019

What comes to your mind when you think about camping? You probably imagine a campsite with tents. Although tents are synonymous with camping, sleeping...
Best knee brace for hiking

Picking The Best Knee Brace for Hiking

If you're an outdoorsy person then you've probably gone for a couple of walks or hikes by yourself or a friend and by now...