10 Best Hammock Bug Net in 2019 – Keep Mosquitoes Away

best hammock bug net

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If you are looking for the best hammock bug net, this is the right place for you. Who doesn’t like the feeling of hanging freely between two trees and enjoying nature? But bugs, mosquitoes, and other insects can make your camping experience bitter. This is not the only issue that you encounter when resting in a hammock outdoor, you may also need from protection from sunlight and bad weather like rain, snow or storm. No worries!

 A bug net for hammock will keep all types of outdoor creepy insects like spiders, bugs, gnats, mosquitoes away and you can rest or sleep peacefully in the open air. Save yourself from red itchy bug bites by buying top ones in the market. No more using insect repellent sprays and lotions, it’s time to make your hammock bug-proof!

To make it easy for you, we have reviewed the best hammock bug nets with the comparison chart to choose that suits your needs. Keep scrolling!

 Top 10 hammock bug nets for your comfort

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1. Chill Gorilla Mosquito Net

Chill Gorilla Defender Hammock Mosquito Net Stops All Bugs & Insects. Fast Easy Setup. Compact, Lightweight. Size 132" x 51". Camping Accessories.If you don’t want to wake up with big bug bites on your body, this defender bug net by Chill Gorilla is for you. Providing you total 360 degrees protection from creepy crawlers into the woods. In fact, it is so light-weight and compact that you can carry it easily in your backpack when you go camping. Furthermore, it has a size of 132″ x 51″ that can fit all 9 to 14-foot hammocks with ease providing you full coverage.

In addition, this bug defender is the right to keep away all the nasty bugs from sneaking in your hammock. It is made from superfine and ultra light-weight mesh netting as a result of which all types of insects keep away. Moreover, this comes with a 5-meter stringer running over the mesh net and is connected with clips. No matter if you own a single or double hammock as this can easily fits both hammock types. Also, the mesh netting makes it breathable and air ventilation continues. In fact, setting up this is very easy and quick, thanks to the vertical half moon shaped zipper that give you fast access to get in/out. It also provides enough space to lie into the hammock diagonally. For easy storage and transport, it comes with a drawstring stuff sack that is 4×5 inches in size.

Say bye to bugs and no-see-ums!


  • Easy and fast setup
  • Provides 360° protection from insects
  • Fits almost all hammock sizes
  • Light-weight to carry
  • Quick-dry net material
  • A vertical zipper gives fast and easy access


  • It blocks the flow of air
  • Using zipper needs practice

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2. Wise Owl Outfitters Bug Net

Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock Bug Net - SnugNet The Perfect Mesh Netting Keeps No-See-Ums, Mosquitos and Insects Out - Black and BlueThis will match to your hammock color theme as it comes in a variety of two-tone shades. Keeping bugs out of your hammock area is guaranteed by this superior quality mesh net that comes at a very affordable range. Furthermore, the soft and breathable mesh fabric provides a very clear view of nature. In fact, this SnugNet is compatible with all camping hammocks, single or double as it 4.5 ft wide and 11 ft long.

Also, weighing only 20 oz, it is extremely portable. With a super long 30’ ridgeline, it is spacious enough for diagonal lay in your hammock. In addition, it has a double durable zipper for easy unzipping for getting in and out, 1 compression strap for hanging and waterproof nylon made storage bag that measures 4” x 5”. All in all, you can enjoy outdoor trips by staying bite-free by using this item.


  • Light-weight and compact
  • Durable double zipper
  • Made from premium quality net
  • Waterproof nylon storage bag
  • Easy setup
  • Long ridgeline
  • Affordable


  • No instructions manual

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3. Sunyear Hammock with Bug Net

Single & Double Camping Hammock with Mosquito/Bug Net, 10ft Hammock Tree Straps and Carabiners, Easy Assembly, Portable Parachute Nylon Hammock for Camping, Backpacking, Survival, Travel & MoreLooking for a 2 in 1 outdoor camping gear? This Sunyear’s hammock that comes with a mosquito net is the ideal choice for you. In addition, the hammock is made from durable 210T parachute nylon and high-quality mesh fabric is used for making this item. It comes with a bug net connected to the hammock.

Also, it is ideal for camping alone to have multipurpose uses. So, you can protect yourself from creepy crawler while sleeping. Furthermore, this hammock is extremely easy to set up and adjust as it comes with the tools required; two 16.4 ft elastic ropes, two 10 ft hammock straps with 16 loops on each as well as 2 carabiners. Keep your adventures bug-free by using this camping hammock with an attached bug net.


  • Light-weight
  • Bug net connected
  • Made from durable high-quality materials
  • Weight capacity of 600 lbs
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • 11’’ x 5.9’’ storage back
  • Good air flow


  • Bug net is not removable

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4. Live Infinitely Hammock Mosquito Ne

Live Infinitely Hammock Mosquito Net- 11'x 5' - Fits All Single & Double Camping Hammocks -Stop No See Ums, Mosquitos, Spiders & Pesky Bugs -Lightweight Easy Setup & Exclusive XL Compression PouchThis one allows you to camp peacefully with no worries of insect bites. It comes in black color but highly transparent to make you enjoy the outdoor beauty. It provides you with 360 degrees protection from mosquitoes, bugs, and no-see-ums. Also, it is spacious as this net system measures 11 ft x 5 ft that allows two people to lie down diagonally into the hammock. Not only that but this hammock net is very easy to adjust with the 12’ long ridge line and cinched ends that are adjustable to set anywhere you want.

Furthermore, it securely attaches to your hammock with 7 loops that are slide-able and included into the package. It couldn’t be easier to get into and out of your hammock with dual sided split zipper. Moreover, this product easily packs in compression bag provided that measures 6x6x9. Lastly, the gear pouch size can be reduced easily with compression straps to make it backpack friendly.


  • Double side split zippers
  • Long ridgeline
  • High-quality durable net material
  • 1-year unlimited warranty
  • Adjustable loops and cinched ends
  • Secure attachment to hammock Lifetime Guarantee
  • 11’’ x 5.9’’ storage back
  • Good air flow


  • Short paracord length

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5. Eno Guardian SL

ENO - Eagles Nest Outfitters Guardian SL Bug Net, Hammock Bug Netting, OliveThe ENO bug net is a perfect choice for all hikers and campers that offer full protection from bugs and no-see-ums everywhere. No chance of a single mosquito bite as the SL net completely covers your hammock and keeps you in a safe no-bug zone. In fact, this is made from premium-quality nylon that gives 360 degrees protection from insect bites. When the net is attached to the hammock, you still have a spacious place to rest in any position. Also, you can hang this anywhere you like by using a 3 mm wide ridgeline. Secure your net with hammock with the power of snug lock cord.

Furthermore, the shape looks like a streamlined sleeve.  Be adventure ready as this mesh net fold easily to be packed in an easy storage bag. In addition, it is good for all Thru-hiking and single-person camping as it weighs 13 ounces only. The easy as well as fast setup provides protection from annoying bugs instantly. It keeps the mosquitoes, bugs, sandflies, ticks as well as stinging pests at bay.


  • Light-weight and easy setup
  • Perfect protection against the smallest insect
  • Snug lock cord for secure attachment
  • Superfine nylon netting
  • Interior is spacious


  • No insect Shield Treatment
  • Not much ventilation
  • A bit tight for a double hammock

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6. ENO Guardian Basecamp

Eagles Nest Outfitters ENO Guardian Base Camp Bug Net, Black, One SizeIf you want a shelter for you, your kids or pets to remain free from itchy bug bites, then this Guardian Basecamp is a must buy. Measuring 108 x 24 x 48 inches, it fits all sizes of hammocks by ENO. It offers you 360 degrees full protection from the creepy crawlers as well as flying insects by creating a mesh fortress. Also, the SkyWeave mesh net is made from silicone impregnated 30D nylon that has a coating of 100mm PU making it extremely durable and long-lasting. In addition, this power netting system keeps even the smallest insects away from you. This is a big sized that gives you and your companion plenty of space to lie down. Lastly, it is super easy to use the Guardian bug net and sets up in 3 minutes only.

Entry and exit into the hammock are very simple as it has a full-length zipper in the middle. This zipper also guarantees that no opening is left for insect entry. Moreover, the see-through material doesn’t ruin nature’s view. For easy storage, you will be provided with a stuff sack. In addition, this comes with a seam-sealed waterproof floor of bathtub style.


  • Superfine net material
  • Easy setup
  • Spacious
  • Well-made and durable
  • Easy entry and exit
  • Full protect from insects
  • Also, serve the purpose of tarp
  • Compatible with all sizes of hammocks
  • Waterproof flooring


  • Not suitable for backpacking
  • Shorter ridgeline
  • A bit pricey

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7. Kammok Dragonfly Insect Net

 Kammok Dragonfly (Mosquito Net)Sleep in peace with adding the insect net by Kammok to your hammock. This innovative transparent mesh design gives it a very stylish look. This promises to keep insects far away from your resting place. Also, it is ultra light-weight to carry on a backpacking trip, weighs 10.5 ounces only. In addition, it surrounds your hammock just like a cacoon to offer full protection of 360 degrees from bugs and mites. As it has the perfect mesh size of 1,000 holes per square inch, it keeps away the smallest insects that are not visible to your eye.

When attached to the hammock, it provides you with plenty of interior space for sitting up and lay down at any position. Moreover, there is no visibility issue either as the granite color makes all the beautiful surrounds 100% visible to you. The dragonet no-see-um bug netting makes it strong and completely breathable with good ventilation of air through the hammock. When they say it is easy to set up, kammock means it. Entry and way out to hammock are simple with a double-sided zipper.

No knots fumbling anymore, the knot-less cord and hooks design make the attachment super easy for you with the built-in line-lock tensioners. Furthermore, it comes with a reflective drawstring. Want to hang accessories overhead like a headlamp or light, it has gear loops on the inner side of the ridgeline. Not only that, but the stuff sack comes with a roll-top bag attached. Lastly, the drawstring bag is water and abrasion resistant as it is made from a ripstop nylon diamond shell 40D fabric.


  • High-strength and breathable netting
  • Lifetime warranty
  • High visibility of the surroundings
  • Light-weight
  • Easy setup
  • Ripstop nylon water-resistant drawstring back


  • Pricey
  • Net is a little dark

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8. Martians Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net

Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net Largest 118"X79" Extra Strong Ripstop Nylon Camping Hammock Reversible, Compact, Lightweight & Portable with Bug Free Netting Great for Travel, Beach or YardThe hammock with a mosquito net by Martains allows you to rest peacefully in your comfort zone without worrying about nasty bugs. This all-in-one extra large 118″x 79″ hammock is ideal as well as safe for all age groups. However, kids can also enjoy sitting in the hammock as it supports up to 660 lbs of weight load. This double camping hammock is made from 210T parachute nylon material while durable superfine mesh fabric is used for making. No mosquito will dare to disturb you with this good-lift net that comes with two 20 ft long net ropes. In addition, you get lots of interior space to lie down diagonally as this net won’t sag at all.

Setup of this hammock is very easy and simple with 2 steel carabiners, strong 9 feet straps, 2 nylon braided ropes, as well as loops. Moreover, Martians provide with a small drawstring pouch and a waterproof carry bag. Also, this hammock with built-in bug net is an item for all outdoor activities like camping and hiking.


  • Load capacity if 660 lbs
  • Large size
  • Built-in bug net
  • Light-weight
  • Reversible
  • Water-proof carry bag and small stuff stack


  • Sharp carabiners that might tear strap loop
  • Mosquito can’t be detached

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9. Unigear 11′ Hammock Bug Net

Unigear 11' Hammock Bug Net Mosquito Net, No See Ums and Insects - Size 132" x 55" Fit for All Camping Hammocks. Breathable and Fast Setup (Black/Dark)Want full protection from no-see-ums and bugs while you sleep comfortably in a hammock, this Unigear 11’ mosquito net will help you. It is made from 100% 50 D polyester mesh net with perfect sieve size that keeps even the smallest insect at bay. It promises to provide you full 360 degrees protection from no-see-ums and other crawling insects. No ventilation issue; the mesh fabric is breathable that allows constant air flow. The  total length is 132″ x 55’’ with a weight of 600g.

This is suitable for all your outdoor activities as this fits all hammock sizes; single or double. A large roomy interior space to lie down easily after this mesh net is connected yet completely enclosing your hammock. This compact light-weight product features a sleeve-like shape. It comes with 7 meters long rope for easy 3-step setup and hanging up. To get in and out of the hammock is very convenient because of a dual zipper.

A perfect mosquito protection choice for outdoor camping!


  • Fits both single and double hammock
  • Polyester mesh netting
  • Easy setup
  • Light-weight and durable
  • Good air ventilation
  • Interior is spacious
  • Compression stuff sack included
  • Full 1 –year warranty


  • No interior pocket

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10. Pys Hammock Bug Net

pys Hammock Bug Net - 12' Hammock Mosquito Net Fits All Camping Hammocks. Compact, Lightweight. Fast Easy Setup.Security from Bugs and Mosquitoes. Essential Camping and Survival Gear.The ultimate survival gear for your outdoor camping, this smooth soft and bouncy fabric will provide you full protection from all insects. It offers strong air permeability as it is made from 100% polyester material with the perfect mesh size that keeps all insects far away. It weighs only 21 ounces making it extremely compact and easy to carry anywhere.

The charcoal-colored net offers you full visibility of nature and surroundings while giving 360 degrees protection coverage from sandflies, bugs, noseeums, and mosquitoes. Setting up this, is very simple, you things you need are provided. It comes with a carabiner and a 30ft long ridgeline to attach the net with clips easily. A well-sewn vertical zipper allows easy access and exit from your hammock. Storage is very compact as it comes with ripstop nylon made stuff bag. This mosquito net fits all models and sizes of hammock providing you roomy interior for comfort.


  • Large size net
  • Full protection from insects
  • Easy and fast setup
  • Light-weight to carry
  • Spacious interior


  • No gear loop on the inner ridgeline for hanging light

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Things to consider when buying a bug net for hammock

girl in red hammock
Girl in red hammock | Max Vertsanov

Although there are many sizes available with different features in the market but look for the one that suits your requirement. Before you get one, make sure you consider all these things:

Size and weight

If you want to cover your hammock completely and correctly, look for the large size that can also fit your double easily. This not only provides better coverage and protection from insect bites but also provides you with a comfortable spacious interior to sleep. On the other hand, make sure that the hammock net you buy is light-weight and has a small folding size that allows easy packing. It should be compact to carry in a small stuff bag.

Type of net

This comes in two types; one is the mesh and the second is no-see-um netting. The difference between them is the pore size that affects breathability. So when you choose the bug net, it is better to know what type and size of insects you’ll have an encounter with. The no-see-um has very tiny pores that do not let even the smallest insect pass through. One drawback of this type is that blocks the air flow as it is so tightly woven. It doesn’t let wind pass through it and can make your hammock super humid and hot under the sunlight or warm climates.

If there is a less chance of no-see-ums occurrence and you want protection from bugs and mosquitoes only, then go for a mesh net that lets air ventilate through the hammock. It also gives a better view of the surroundings than a fine mesh size net. If tiny little creatures are your camping companions, then a no-see-um is an essential item for you.

Net fabric

The materials’ pricing range varies; the most common fabrics used for making are polyester, polypropylene, cotton, ripstop nylon, and taffeta nylon. Another new bug net fabric named Dragonet™ is introduced by the Kammok brand. Nets made from monofilament threads are also becoming common.

If you want a budget-friendly item, a polyester made mesh net is a good choice. Polyester one is light-weight and has more strength. It also shows more resistant to humid, damp and hot conditions. 


Look for a bug net that allows easy entry as well as exit to the hammock. Various products provide easy access to hammock in different ways like dual doors and zippers. The long horizontal zippers are more effective than vertical ones.

It is better to get your hand on the mosquito net that is durable and doesn’t rip off that easily. Moreover, high-quality fiber made is long-lasting and serves the purpose of keeping insects away. Also, a hammock net should have well-stitched seams and reinforced edges. An easy carrying storage pouch and carabiners should also be provided.

Treatment with insecticide

Some of the mosquito nets are pre-treated with an insecticide solution that adds an additional protection layer from bugs and flies. These insecticides include Permethrin, Durallin, as well as Deltamethrin that stops the insects to bite through mesh net and provide ultimate protection from mosquitoes. Furthermore, this treatment lasts up to 6 months to 1 year. Overall, the market has lots of treated and non-treated bug net options to choose from.

How to setup a hammock bug net

If you think it should be complicated to setup a bug net once you are in the nature, we advise you to watch the video below which explains all the steps to put your bug net correctly.

Final thought

All in all, the best hammock bug net will let you sleep peacefully by offering enough lie-down space and protection against wild insects in the woods at night. So, go to your camping trip worry-free from bug bites. In fact, all you need to do is spend a little money and add a bug net to your hammock. Don’t let insects ruin your outdoor adventures.

Moreover, remember that there are different styles of these mosquito nets. Each one provides its own benefits. However, if you would not like to get bothered by bugs, getting a mosquito net is essential.

With appropriate care, one used as a mosquito would last for a long time and keep you protected out in the wild. To get the right bug shield for you, follow the tips we have shared above and you would be ready to go hammocking anytime.

And if you are on very tight budget, have a look at this video that show you how to make your own low cost mosquito net for hammock:

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