Best Hammock Rain Fly To Stay Dry

best hammock rain fly

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A hammock is one of the most essential items that you use for camping. The main problems that you all face is no protection from rain, scorching sun heat or snow while you sleep or rest in your hammock. No need to worry! There is one more item that you need in your camping bag pack and that is a tarp. This article tells all about the best hammock rain fly that you can buy.

A rain fly is just a fabric piece that you will stretch over your hammock. It protects you from bad weather by providing shelter from rain, wind, and sunlight. There are so many different shapes and sizes of tarps for hammock camping available in the market. Don’t confuse yourself! The best hammock tarp is light-weight, waterproof and fits perfectly on your camping bed. To help you choose the best one, we have listed the top fly rain for hammocks with a comprehensive review.

The 10 best hammock rain fly we found for you

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1. Chill Gorilla Rain Fly

Chill Gorilla 10x10 Swallowtail Hammock Rain Fly Camping Tarp. Ripstop Nylon. 170" Centerline. Stakes, Ropes & Tensioners Included. Camping Gear & Accessories. Perfect Hammock Tent. BlueStay ultra-dry with the waterproof rain fly by Chill Gorilla made of ripstop nylon. It is extremely light-weight to carry weighing only 1.4 lbs. Furthermore, this durable, puncture and tear resistant rain fly can withstand any weather condition with a rating of 2000 PU waterproof. Not only that, but it will guard you against strong winds with a 10’’ swallowtail design that keeps it taut with no wind flapping and condensation. The tarp hammock fabric will endure wind stress.

Moreover, it’s very easy to set up as this rain fly comes with everything that you need. In fact, the package includes 10-20 ft guy liners with 6 tensioners, 4 tent stakes, and an easy storage accessory bag. D-ring tie outs and reinforced corners allow the secure position and load distribution on double stitched seams that protects the nylon. A shelter that gives you total hammock coverage to enjoy outdoor camping without any trouble.


  • Easy setup
  • Durable and well-constructed
  • Weather, puncture and tear resistant
  • Light-weight to carry
  • Secure and safe to use
  • Free warranty


  • Weak grommets

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2. Best Choice Products Bug Net and Hammock Tarp

 RainFlyEVOLUTION 12 x 10 ft HAMMOCK WATERPROOF RAIN FLY TENT TARP & Survival Bracelet Kit - Lightweight - Backpacker Approved - DIAMOND RIPSTOP NYLON - Perfect Hammock Shelter Sunshade for Camping  If you want the best hammock tarp for your camping adventures, then this rain fly is the best choice. Hang freely between the trees with a secure shade that is drip and leak proof. The 12’ x 10’ rain fly is made of diamond ripstop nylon material making it weather resistant completely blocking the rain, wind and UV rays. In addition, the heavy-duty reinforced laminated stitching makes it free from any puncture or tear. It is big enough to cover 2 hammocks yet so light-weight; 1.5 pounds.

The double layer corner tech, strong grommet, 2.8’’ long loop and improved carabiner allow quick easy and secure setup without the need of hammock stand. Furthermore, this product comes with 6 carabiners and stakes, 7 ropes, 4 guylines, a separate carrying, and accessory pouch. This is not it! You get a bonus; the 5 in 1 rain fly evolution survival bracelet. It has a compass to find the direction, a lifesaving safety whistle, a fire starter, scarper/knife and 10.5 ft paracord rope. The durability, quality, as well as the comfort make it a perfect hammock tarp.


  • Durable
  • Safe and secure
  • Well-stitched
  • Light-weight
  • Easy assembly
  • Free survival bracelet
  • Great hammock coverage
  • 90 days money back guarantee


  • Poor instructions manual
  • Lumbar bar not padded

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3. Chill Gorilla Hex Waterproof Camping Shelter

Chill Gorilla HEX Hammock Rain Fly Camping Tarp. Ripstop Nylon. 142" Centerline. Stakes, Ropes & Tensioners Included. Camping Gear & Accessories. Perfect Hammock Tent. BlackAnother hammock tarp by Chill gorilla that is hexagonal in shape providing you shelter from rain and wind. Firstly, the high-quality polyurethane coated ripstop nylon makes it rain and moisture resistant with a rating of 2000 PU waterproof. Its hex cut design with a 142 inches centerline and 108 inches wide provides greater area and rain coverage. Also, it is extremely light-weight and portable; weighing only 1.4 lbs.

Additionally, the D rings tie cuts and reinforced corners allow secure and safe fixation of the tarp with quick and easy setup. All the items needed for setup are included in the package. The rain fly comes with 20 ft guy lines and tensioners, 4 aluminum stakes, 1 accessory bag, and tarp carrying pouch. All in all, its durability, portability, and versatility make it ideal for camping, hiking or even traveling.


  • Greater coverage than the square-shaped tarp
  • Durable
  • Reinforced corners and D-rings  make it secure
  • Easy to assemble and pack
  • Light-weight
  • Good customer service


  • A bit smelly

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4. Unigear Hammock Rain Fly

Unigear Waterproof Camping Tarp Hammock Rain Fly, UV Protection and PU 3000mm Waterproof, Lightweight for Backpacking, Survival and Other Outdoor AdventureYou need this waterproof rain fly for your hammock if you want to enjoy camping to the fullest. What’s best about this product is that you don’t have to worry about unexpected rain and downpours. This is due to the fact that the tarp is made from extremely water resistant 210D rip-stop Oxford fabric with a rating of PU 3000mm Waterproof. In fact, you can easily protect yourself from harmful UV rays and sunburns with Unigear camping tarp which is coated with a PU material on the inner layer. Furthermore, it offers protection from sunlight, rain, high winds, and snow. The 118 x 118 inches size provides larger coverage for tent and hammock.

Also, it is very easy to assemble as the tarp comes with everything needed for its quick setup. The package includes 8 tie downs, 6 aluminum stakes and nylon ropes with a portable carry bag. Your tarp shelter will be fixed and free from ripping with double layer material and the reinforced fixpoints. No leakage even in extreme weather conditions with its anti-leak feature. Overall, its multiple uses make it a perfect pick for your outdoor adventures.


  • Waterproof and UV resistant
  • Rip-resistant
  • Greater coverage
  • Versatile; multiple uses
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Strong grommets made of metal
  • Easy setup


  • Weak stakes
  • Thin and short guylines

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5. Foxelli Rain Tarp

Foxelli Rain Tarp - Lightweight, Portable, Waterproof 12' Camping Tarp, Easy Set Up with Included Extra Long Guy Lines & Stakes - Perfect Rain Fly for HammockThe Foxelli rain tarp will provide you shelter anyplace you want. This multi-functional tent shelter guards you against extreme weather conditions due to its high-quality construction. The product is made of high water-resistant ripstop 210 D polyester with PU3000 waterproof rating. Unlike other hammock shades, it is snow proof as well. As a result, the rain tarp will shield you from strong winds, snow, sunrays, and heavy rains by keeping you well covered under a hammock. In addition, the 11.8 and 9.2 ft size offers excellent coverage. Not only that, but it also well-stitched with double stitching, laminated underline, and durable double loop.

You won’t have any trouble assembling it; the rain fly setup is easy as well as quick. The full kit includes 4 nylon guy lines and tensioners, 2 aluminum stakes and a portable bag. The overall kit weighs 18.2 ounces that is easy to carry during hiking. The long guy lines allow proper anchoring. In summary, it is the most convenient and hassle-free solution to your outdoor adventures.


  • Durable as well as versatile
  • Secure anchor
  • Quick setup
  • Water, UV and snow proof
  • 120 days money back guarantee
  • 3-year warranty


  • It is not scratch resistant

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6. Bear Butt Double Hammock Rain Fly

Bear Butt Rain Fly Easy Set Up Portable Hammock Tarp Shelter - Made of Quality Lightweight Waterproof Tent Polyester - Perfect Cover While Backpacking Outdoors Camping And Hiking (Gray)If you are looking for easy setup and great rain coverage rain fly for your hammock, the solution is Bear Butt’s tent tarp. Not only is the product ultralight but it also shields you from outdoor camping issues like rain, high winds, sunlight, and snow. No raindrops on you or your hammock as it is 100% waterproof made from high-quality polyester fabric. The secure lock stitching prevents the fabric from the rip and tear with regular use than nylon made tarps.

It doesn’t only keep you dry but also keeps you cool during the sunny days. The dimensions are 12′ 10” down the center and 9′ 4” on the sides.  For a secure anchor, there are reinforced points of attachment which allows the shade to stay secure in place during high winds. It comes with everything that you need for a tent tarp setup. Furthermore, the package has 11″ x 4″ light-weight stuff stack, 2 metal stakes so you can easily secure it and strong tension guy lines that have reflective traces for easy visibility.

Moreover, it is very easy to use with a simple setup which involves only knots. No heavy straps or hammock stand needed, simply swing the tarp over the hammock, secure it with the trees and stake the opposite corners to the ground. Overall, it is an ideal choice for all the camping beginners and enthusiasts to enjoy outdoor activities with any hassle.


  • Light-weight as well as portable
  • Small packing
  • Great coverage for 11 ft hammock
  • Excellent protection from rain and wind
  • 100% waterproof
  • Easy to assemble


  • Packing in stack bag is difficult
  • No extra grommets 

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7. OAV Waterproof Tarp

OAV Hammock Tarp Waterproof Rain Fly: 40D Ripstop Real Nylon, Lightweight, Includes Stakes & Ropes Attached to Tarp, Use for Shelter or Sunshade, 10' - Durable, Easy Set Up!Want to keep yourself cozy and dry all night? If yes, then Rain Fly by OAV is something that definitely needs during camping. The highly durable rain shade is made of 40d ripstop nylon fabric that keeps you totally dry. It is also coated with 5,000mm polyurethane making it 100% waterproof under heavy rains. This multifunctional tarp can be used for various purposes. No matter if you are at the beach, camping or backyard, you can take it anywhere you want because of high portability and easy setup. Also, the nylon made tarp is tear and puncture resistant. It features 6 attachment points to keep it in place during worst weather conditions.

Moreover, it comes with a stack bag measuring 10’’ x 5’’ to store the rain fly conveniently on camping and hiking. So, you don’t need to buy stakes separately. It also comes with easily visible 6 aluminum stakes and 4 guy lines. The square 300cm x 300cm tarp provides outstanding coverage as well as shade against water and sunlight.  


  • Easy setup
  • Well-constructed with40d Nylon fabric
  • Compact
  • Light-weight
  • Waterproof


  • No thick cords

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8. Yukon Outdoors Hammock Rain Fly

Yukon Outfitters Walkabout Rainfly (Black)The Yukon diamond tarp will surprise you with its durability and extra-large coverage. Firstly, it is extremely light-weight to carry with you while camping, traveling, cycling or hiking. Furthermore, the 14-ounce rain fly will feel like a feather in your bag pack. It fits perfectly to all kinds of hammock providing shelter from bad weather conditions. Also, the well-made 190T polyester with 1000 mm polyurethane coating makes it 1005 waterproof and promises to keep you dry even in heavy rains and rains. As a result, you won’t experience any leaks or flapping issues with this high-quality tent shade.

11 ft 10’’ x 9 ft 4 ‘’ size is ample to cover a full-size hammock and guard you against sunlight and windstorms. No need to be an expert for setting up this hammock rain fly as it is very easy to assemble in just a few minutes. Moreover, the kit includes 2 stakes made of metal, 4 guy lines with tensioners that are highly reflective and visible. Lastly, the tarp comes with a handy stuff sack and a pouch to pack your rainfly for simple carrying. It is made to withstand heavy rainfall and storms because of the reinforced corners.


  • Light-weight; weigh less than 1lbs
  • Well-constructed with 190T polyester
  • Durable
  • Extra-large coverage
  • Withstand all weather conditions
  • Reflective guy lines for easy visibility at night
  • Easy and quick assembly


  • A little bit droopy

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9. Chill Gorilla Fortress Rain Tarp

Chill Gorilla Fortress 2 Hammock Rain Fly Camping Tarp. SILNYLON. 4 Doors. Stakes, Ropes & Tensioners Included. Camping Gear & Accessories. Perfect Hammock Tent & All Season Tent TarpIf you are looking for an ultimate outdoor camping survivor gear, then fortress type tarp by Chill Gorilla is the answer. All in all, it is one of the best rain fly available in the market to enjoy adventurous activities outdoor. It is made of high-quality 30d ripstop water resistant silnylon as a result of which not even a single drop of rain will enter your hammock. Furthermore, all the seams are well sealed. The fortress is ultra-light, durable along with being 100% water resistant. It has 8000 Hydrostatic Head waterproof rating which is 8x the standard rating. Chill Gorilla intends to provide 100% customer satisfaction when it comes to hammock camping tarps. In addition, the fortress 2 design has a total of 8 tie outs having 4 on each one side.

It’s time to live your adventures with extreme confidence with this ultimate all seasons and weather tarp. The 38’ x 112’’ dimension makes it compatible with all kinds of camping items as it can even serve as a sleeping bag. This best outdoor shelter features 4 ground and door tie outs with 8 side panel tie pullouts, premium stakes, and 2 ridgeline tie outs. You can store all this in an easy storage stack bag provided. Moreover, it acts a tent over your hammock and gives full privacy that you need. Fortress hammock rains fly in an excellent waterproof fortress for all 4 seasons and weather conditions.


  • Ultra-lightweight
  • 100% waterproof
  • Great protection in all seasons and conditions
  • Provides excellent coverage and privacy
  • Safety from insects like bugs
  • Well-made from 30d ripstop water resistant silnylon
  • Fine sealed seam


  • Expensive

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10. UST Hex Tarp and Camping Shelter

UST Hex Tarp and Camping Shelter with Thermal Protection and 6 Sided Hex Design for Camping, Backpacking, Wilderness Survival and Outdoor EmergenciesThe six-sided hex tarp is an item with which camping is incomplete. The light-weight compact tarp has multiple uses. In fact, it doesn’t only cover your hammock; you can use it as a sleeping shelter, ground cloth. No need of carrying a heavy umbrella, it also acts as a waterproof or a thermal insulation blanket in cold conditions. Carrying a 1.5 lbs tarp is no issue for any outdoor enthusiast.

With so many cool features, it helps in emergency situations by having a bright reflective surface for signaling and an inner aluminized side. In addition, it is conveniently set up in minutes without any assistance. UST hex comes with guy lines, stakes, and a portable stack bag.


  • Multiple uses
  • Light-weight
  • Hexagonal shape offers more coverage
  • Compact
  • Lifetime limited warranty


  • Smaller for the double hammock

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How to setup a rain fly above your hammock

You just bought your brand new rain tarp to stay dry during your next hammock camping adventure, but you are not sure if you will be able setup it correctly? The video below from Black Owl Outdoors is here to provide you all the necessary tip.

Things to consider when you want to buy the best hammock tarp

There are so many hammock tarps available in different sizes, colors, shapes, and features. Before you buy a tarp to cover your hammock, there are few things that you are necessary to consider for making the right selection.


A tarp should do its purpose with being durable. If shelter from rain is your priority, then look for hammock material that is 100% water and leak proof. The materials used for making rain fly are polyethylene, silnylon, nylon coated with PU, polyester and cuben fiber. Most of the people prefer a light-weight tarp for their hammock because it is convenient to carry. The fact is that the heavier the tarp material is, the more durable it is. Nylon coated with silicone or polyurethane made rain fly is very popular among backpackers and in camping world due to it being compact, inexpensive and ultralight. The silnylon is more expensive than PU coated nylon. They are moderately waterproof.

Some tarps are also made of polyester which also serves insulation purposes. Tarps made of polyethylene are more waterproof than the nylon ones and provides better coverage.  Polyethylene is heavier and expensive than nylon. The cuben fiber is the best material which is totally waterproof buy cost 4 times the other materials


You will come across different tarp shapes depending on the coverage they provide. The most common shapes are:

common hammock tarps
Common Hammock Tarps | JCHaywire | CC BY-SA 2.0| modified
  • Rectangular – This is the most basic shape of rain fly for hammock camping. It has 4 anchor points with a centerline above the hammock. All in all, they provide good protection and coverage with less ventilation.
  • Asymmetrical – An asymmetrical tarp is of slightly slanted rectangular shape which offers minimal rain coverage and UV protection. The person has to sleep in a specific direction to get the shade and protection. They require you to sleep incline with the tarp to get maximum coverage. This works best with the asymmetrical hammocks.
  • Square/Diamond Cut – They are similar to the rectangular ones except that the ridge line runs over the middle of your hammock. The two corners are at hammock’s head and foot while others are either ground stacked or tree tied. It is lighter and provides more coverage than a rectangular tarp.
  • Hexagonal/cat-cut – It is a 6 sided tarp that provides great protection from wind and rain. The catenary cut edges keep the tarp taut and prevent flapping. Raindrops fall off the hex shape tarp keeping you dry.
  • The hexagonal and tent shape 4 season tarps are good at providing maximum coverage, privacy, and more ventilation. On the other hand, the diamonds, rectangular and asymmetrical are simple, light and fast to pitch than the heavy tarps.


The size depends on the hammock coverage you need. If you need full protection and coverage, then go for a large size hammock rain fly with extra tie outs for multiple uses. The large 4 season tarps are heavier and require more hardware like stakes and guy lines for its setup.


The tarp weight is another important consideration to make. The manufacturers intend to make ultralight yet high-quality rain fly that is easy and convenient for you to carry during camping, hiking, traveling and other outdoor activities. 

Final thoughts

Don’t let bad weather conditions affect or ruin your outdoor adventures. Nobody likes the feeling of being soaked wet while camping. This is why you need the best hammock rain fly for your adventures. Investing in a tarp for hammock is totally worth the cost as it ensures vital protection that you need to enjoy your fun-filled adventures. Get full protection from not only rain but insects, dangerous UV rays, high winds, and snow. You can utilize the rain fly any way you want, use it as a ground cloth or a blanket.

Take pleasure from hanging freely between two trees in a hammock covered with a full coverage shelter and rejoice the beauty of nature.

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