5 Best Knee Pads for Snowboarding!

best knee pads for snowboarding

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You’re probably looking for the best knee pads for snowboarding, to get ready for the next season? Obviously, that’s why we prepared a list of our favorite 5 picks we tried out on the steepest slopes. Without a doubt, this list took a lot of work! In the end, we prepared a buying guide and FAQ to keep you informed. 

Every snowboarder knows how much a fall can hurt. Additionally, that is why most of us use some kind of knee protection. Clearly, most people use knee pads when there is ice on the slope and if there are harsh conditions. Therefore, falls, regardless if you’re an expert or total beginner, are something that happens. So, that’s why we use these pads to cushion our fall!

In this article, we won’t just review how a knee pad looks. Above all, we will answer the most important questions for you. Fittingly, these include comfort, longevity, and intended use. Therefore, stay tuned to learn about the pros and cons of each of our models and more. 

The 5 Best Knee Pads for Snowboarding 

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1. 187 Killer Pads Slim Knee Pad

187 Killer Pads Slim Knee Pad, Rainbow, Medium

If you’re looking for a durable answer to your child’s snowboarding needs, look at this pair. The 187 Killer Pads Slim Knee Pad gives the snowboarder a full set of motion, with a not too bulky size. Additionally, while wearing the memory foam padding, one can’t feel a thing. 

We love how lightweight one of the best knee pads for snowboarding is. So, if you’re looking for the best choice for your child, we recommend 187 pads.


  • Durable
  • No seams on the inside
  • Memory foam padding
  • Offers a full range of motion


  • On the expensive side
  • Kid’s size

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2. Venum “Kontact” Lycra/Gel Knee Pads

Venum Kontact Gel Knee Pad - Black/Black, Medium/Large

For the more experienced snowboarders, a gel pad might be the right choice. That’s why these Venum knee pads ended up on our list. Above all, made for long and icy slopes, they are lightweight, almost like wearing nothing. 

This pair has a ventilated back, so the back of your knees don’t feel like they are in a sauna. Also, they feel very comfortable, so finding the right fit won’t be that hard. Additionally, what you might like about this model is that you can use it for other sports too. 


  • Lycra and gel padding
  • Ventilated back
  • Very lightweight
  • Slide-on


  • Not specifically designed for snowboarding

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3. G-Form Pro X2 Knee Pad

G-Form Pro X2 Knee Pad(1 Pair), Black Logo, Adult Large

The G-Form Pro X2 Knee Pad is made for impact, for those snowboarders that love speed. Therefore, if you’re one of them, have a look at this design. Indeed, this extra-long pair of pads have a plastic-covered knee cap. It springs into place upon impact. Most importantly, the pad absorbs impact and protects your skin. 

They also offer amazing air circulation and compression, so they don’t slide off. Fittingly, they made these last and move while wicking moisture. Well, isn’t that perfect for your next snowboarding trip?


  • Breathable and moisture-wicking,
  • Secure fit with no sliding
  • Protects knee upon impact
  • Flexible and lightweight


  • Not specifically designed for snowboarding

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4. Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads

Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads, Thick Sponge Anti-Slip, Collision Avoidance Knee Sleeve (Large)

Now, this pair of pads are perfect for the beginners out there, that want extra protection. Fittingly, they make Bodyprox knee pads out of the protective thick sponge. Besides this, they are perfect if you’re snowboarding on a budget. 

Also, the padding is, because of its size, shockproof. Clearly, what we loved about this pair is that they are very flexible. Our legs weren’t sweaty, and they didn’t slip down the leg after an entire day of snowboarding. 


  • Acceptable price
  • Thick padding for beginners
  • Comfortable material


  • Only two sizes to choose from

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5. Bucwild Sports Knee Pads/Padded Compression Pro Knee Sleeves 

Bucwild Sports Knee Pads/Padded Compression Pro Knee Sleeves (1 Pair) Youth & Adult Sizes - Basketball Wrestling Volleyball Black White Red Blue

If you love sports, these knee protectors will come in handy for you. Therefore, these Bucwild knee pads are one of our best snowboard knee pads. They can be used not just for snowboarding, but for other sports too. While they are extra long, they offer insulation during the cold.

This way, they will protect your legs from both the cold and impact. Last, we found great is that they come with a no-slip band. Fittingly, they wick moisture and offer an array of sizes. 


  • Ergonomic design
  • Numerous sizes to choose from
  • Can be used for almost any sport
  • Sweat-wicking


  • Not the highest of quality

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon


How to Buy Snowboard Knee Pads?

We are finally at our buying guide. Therefore, those interested in finding their knee pads can look through this guide to learn more. Now, we are here to teach you how to find the best choice for yourself. Even if you didn’t find the right fit in our reviews, you can look further yourself. 

Lastly, we encourage you to take a look at these characteristics:

Padding Material 

Remember that, when talking about padding inside of your snowboard pads, one size does not fit all. Without a doubt, as the market expands and user numbers grow, more versatility is coming along too. This way, everyone can find something that meets their needs. 

In the same way, we have found that different knowledge levels require different materials. So, here are the padding materials most users tend to use: 

  • Beginners choose bulkier padding. This occurs since students of snowboarding tend to fall more. Fittingly, they need extra protection for their knees. Likewise, this way they will minimize the possibility of injury and keep their legs protected.

    On the other hand, bulkier padding, on the other hand, stops certain movements. Therefore, the padding will not allow many movements when boarding on snow. Also, this might be a problem for experienced snowboarders, but for the newbies, it’s a pro. So, with this type of material, it would be hard to perform fast maneuvering on the slope.
  • Intermediate knowledge level snowboarders will mostly use medium thickness fillers. Therefore, this type of padding offers protection at the same time as movability. Likewise, this means that one can use them as gel pads while staying safe. So, for intermediate snowboarders, it’s the perfect choice to land between bulky and too thin. 
  • Expert snowboarders use super-thin malleable padding on their rides. So, since they are not too prone to falls, knee pads are still a must but cannot minimize movement. Therefore, they choose memory foam or other soft foam pads, or D3O foam. Also, this type will allow them to move freely and still protect their knees when a fall occurs. 

man walking in the forest with a snowboard

Fit and Size

When choosing the right fit of knee pads, remember to always go a size up. On the contrary, this will not just protect the outer layer of the skin, but also your blood flow. So, if you choose too tight or too small knee pads for snowboarding, you can be in a bit of a problem. 

That is, if your knee pads cause chaffing or pinches on your skin, you will have to choose another pair. Therefore, this will minimize your movement and cause discomfort. Clearly, with something like this, one cannot snowboard anymore. So, imagine going down a slope while the back of your legs hurt. No one wants that. 

Worse is when one buys small knee pads and they stop your blood flow. This way, your legs, will be constantly cold in your snowboard boots. Therefore, remember when buying your next pair of pads to check the circumference. Clearly, if it gets even close to being too small for you, go a size up. This way, your legs, skin, and bloodstream will thank you. 


The mobility of your whole body can depend on your snowboard knee pads! Fittingly, this is because snowboarding, especially in fast conditions, depends on fast reactions. So, if your legs are not in the position to move properly, you might risk a nasty fall.

Therefore, we recommend trying out your new pair of pads before hitting the rail at max speed. This way, you might risk injury. In any case, if you’re a beginner wearing bulky knee pads, it’s better not to risk it. So, mobility in knee pads means that your knees can fully bend and move while wearing the pair. If that isn’t the case, then why risk injury?

Intended Use

Another thing you need to take into consideration when buying your knee pads is the use. So, are you a beginner and want to protect your knees while falling? Are you intermediate and want to move? Or, are you an expert and don’t fall that much anymore? All in all, these three segments will need different types of pads for snowboarding. 

You will need different models for each type of activity you want to take part in when snowboarding. Of course, the same goes for the type of conditions on the mountain. Therefore, if there are a lot of exposed rocks or ice, you will need extra cushioning. Also, if the conditions are acceptable, you might choose thinner pads. 

In the end, if you will not use your knee pads properly and if they are too thick or too small, it’s a waste of money. Therefore, you will soon need another pair, while the other ones sit in the closet. Also, that is why you need to think about what your intended use is before making the purchase. 

how to buy knee pads for snowboarding

FAQ: Knee Pads for Snowboarding

Q: Do Snowboarders Wear Knee Pads?

A: Most beginners ask themselves: Do you need knee pads for snowboarding? Most snowboarders do use knee pads. They are not mandatory gear but are very popular among beginners. The use is to keep your knees, and even butt, from scraping when on the slope. 

As a beginner, you will spend a lot of time kneeling and falling, so you will surely need it. This will insulate and cushion your knees from the cold snow. 

Q: What Protective Gear Do You Need for Snowboarding?

A: As a beginner, you will need the basics like fitter boots and snowboard. Mandatory gear also includes a helmet, goggles, and warm clothing. To protect you from falls, snowboarders and teachers use your knee, butt, and wrist guards. 

Q: What Should You Not Do While Snowboarding?

A: If you’re a beginner, you might be inclined to break your fall with your hands. One thing you should remember is that you should never break your fall with your wrists. On the other hand, you are risking breaking your wrists. Instead, let your knee and butt pads, and the snow break your fall. 

knee pads for snowboarding

Q: Is Snowboarding Bad for Your Knees?

A: No, snowboarding isn’t bad for your knees if you do it properly. On the other hand, we connect knee injuries to both skiing and snowboarding. This occurs because we need twisting and bending knees when participating in sports. This inclines that knee injuries are more common on icy slopes than anywhere else. With the right training and preparation, we can minimize this risk. 

Q: How Can I Improve My Snowboarding Skills?

A: If you’re an intermediate snowboarder, you might look at ways to improve your skills. We would recommend buying the right gear for you, not just your size but snowboarding style too. Exercise during the off-season, not just during winter. Building your strength and durability is a must in snowboarding. Educate yourself through books, media, and courses. 

Final Thoughts

We have concluded our article. Now, even if you didn’t find the right choice for your knees and snowboarding style, we had tips on choosing one yourself. So, remember to always look at the sizes and protective layers of the pads. This way, you can make sure it’s a good fit for the model for yourself. 

After looking at many options and trying them out on the slope, we have concluded. Therefore, we choose the best knee pads for snowboarding to be the 187 Killer Pads Slim Knee Pad. 

Out of all five of our top choices, we see that these knee pads are one of a kind. That is, the foam inside makes them slim and comfortable at the same time. So, that’s why we put them in our no.1 place. Now, you will surely agree with our choice once you try them out yourself. 

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