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best throwing knives

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If you are looking for the best throwing knives, we are here to help and you landed on the right page. A throwing knife is one of the coolest strategic weapons around us. We all have seen them in movies, used by heroes or villains, but many of us have transformed this into a hobby or sport.

It not only boosts your level of concentration, but it also acts as back and arm workout and increases your hand-eye coordination for a perfect aiming. Blow off your strain and tension by this fun stress-relieving sport. It takes a lot of practice and throwing power for an accurate target aim, right motion. So, buying the right throwing knife is very important.

To make things really easy for you, we have listed our choice of 8 throwing knives. So scroll down to get to know more about these amazing tools.

The top 8 throwing knives

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1. Perfect Point RC-179

Perfect Point RC-179 Throwing Knife Set with Three Knives - Black/SilverLooking for a tactical knife that has good throwing length? The Perfect Point RC-179 is the right choice for you. It provides you with an overall 8 inches length for nice throwing. Moreover, this RC-179 comes in a set of 3 knives that is ideal for all the advanced and beginners throwers. These are very light-weight to hold and spin all the while weighing only 12 pounds. This 3-pieces knife set offers a throw that is very well-balanced.  

Furthermore, the black and silver color gives these throwing blades a very sporty yet classy look. This set by Perfect point is made to last for years, the black colored blade and handle of the knife is constructed from stainless steel. Moreover, the RC-179 model knives come with a little black spider printed on it giving them a more stylish look. In addition to this, each knife’s handle end has a laser cut that allows the thrower to tie a ribbon to the handle end. Want an easy transport of this set? The RC-179 comes with a black sheath made of nylon to store it safely. These Perfect Point items are also very affordable. All in all, you can start practicing with this 3-pack set.


  • Easy throwing length
  • Well-balanced
  • Corrosion resistant blade and handle
  • Easy carrying nylon sheath
  • Strong file tip
  • Dull blade edge prevent cuts


  • Light-weight for long distance throw
  • Small in size

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2. Perfect Point PP-595-6MC

Perfect Point PP-595-6MC Throwers (6-Piece), Multicolor, 5.5"If you want a set of small knives that are perfect for throwing, then PP-595 model offers a set of 6 throwing knives that are 5.5’’ in length each. Not only are they small, but Perfect Point PP-595-6MC are also light-weight as well weighing only 5.9 ounces. Furthermore, there is no color restriction; this 6-piece set comes in multicolor: yellow, red, orange, blue, green and purple blade as well as a black handle. Each knife features a colored grinding line on a black blade. These are extremely durable and built to last longer. In addition, they are made from stainless steel making them resistant to rust. Moreover, each knife comes with a non-slippery good-grip handle for the best throw.

The pointed tip with sharp edge provides easier penetration on various hard surfaces. In addition, the hard metal continues to keep the blade sharpness and shape. All in all, this 6-pieces set of knives guarantees you an accurate hit mark as they are really easy to balance. This well-balancing feature makes these throwing knives a good start for all the beginners who have no experience at this sport. For easy transport, you are provided with a black nylon sheath to keep them safe while carrying.


  • 6 pieces
  • Nylon sheath offers safe storage
  • Each one has a different blade color
  • Easy to balance
  • Stainless steel handle and blade
  • Stylish design


  • Not suitable for advanced users

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3. Perfect Point Thrower

Perfect Point PP-075-3BK Thrower with Target Board (3-Piece), 8-InchThe extensive collection by Perfect Point continues. This 3-pieces set has knives with an overall length of 8’’. The blades are made of stainless steel that is 3mm thick. The handle is also constructed from high-quality steel. Furthermore, this full tang knife has the blade strongly fixed to the handle. Not only that, but each one’s blade has a red dragon printed on it that gives a very stylish look to the knife. The nylon sheath included offers safe as well as easy storage and enhances its portability. In addition, the ends have laser cut that makes it easy for you to tie a ribbon to this set. The high-grade materials ensure you an accurate hit every time you throw these knives. These are balanced with precision and beauty.

Who doesn’t like something extra? Well, Perfect Point Thrower knives come with black and red target board. The target board also has a red dragon printed in the center. Target board is constructed from thick compressed material that is 1-inch thick to endure knife impacts. Moreover, the diameter is 14 5/8 inches. Also, the target board by Perfect point comes with a back metal hanging for mounting on the wall.


  • 3 knives
  • Stainless steel blade and handle
  • Nylon sheath for easy carrying
  • 3mm thick blade
  • 15 inches target board included


  • Target board made of non-durable material
  • No serrated blade

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4. Perfect Point Serrated Blade

PERFECT POINT THROWING KNIFE SET 7.5" OVERALL JAGGED SERRATED BLADE ... (BLUE)If you are looking for a serrated blade knife, this set of knives by Perfect Point is the solution for you. The Perfect Point Serrated Blade comprises a set of 3 that you can buy all in two-tone blue color or multi assorted colors: blue, red as well as purple.

These are also available in rainbow color; rainbow titanium is coated on the steel blades that reflect light. The stainless steel fixed full tang blades speak for the durability and reliability. Each knife has an overall length of 7.5”. They are suitable for various throwing conditions and provide a good grip to all hand sizes. The handles have nylon cord wrapped around them that offers better maneuverability and handling. No need for laser-cut ends, this set already comes with a nylon ribbon tied at the end. Having a serrated blade increases the penetration power of the knife. It is really easy and simple to clean, thanks to the stainless steel construction.

The classy look with good balance ability provides better control as well as safety for the beginners. These throwing knives are a good choice for professional trainers as well. For safe and easy carrying, this 3-set comes with a black sheath made of nylon.


  • Serrated blade
  • Well-made from stainless steel construction
  • Better grip with nylon cord wrapped handle
  • Nylon sheath included for easy carrying


  • Short handles

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5. Ace Martial Arts

Ace Martial Arts Supply Ninja Stealth Black Throwing Knives with Nylon Case (Set of 3)This is the best throwing knife set for all types of individuals. It features 3 knives that have an overall length of 6.5 inches. They can be used for practicing martial arts and acts as a great showpiece for all the exhibitionists. These are built from high-quality 404 stainless steel that makes it resistant to corrosion, rust, breaking off, chipping and fading out. With this set by Ace Martial Arts Supply, hitting the accurate target has a 100% chance.

Holding them for long is no issue as they are very light-weight. In addition, these come with an easy storage nylon sheath for better portability and safety. Furthermore, the stainless steel surface makes cleaning too simple and the steel blade doesn’t blunt that easily. The double-edged pointed spear tip penetrates into all surfaces very easily. The handles have a nylon cord wrapped around them for better hand gripping and handling. The end of the knife has a circle loop where you can tie a ribbon or carry them with keychain or spin it around your fingers.


  • Better grip with a nylon cord handle
  • Sharp blade
  • 404 high-quality stainless stain construction
  • 3 knives set
  • Nylon storage case


  • Shorter handles
  • Handles are not durable

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6. Aeroblades Knife Set

6PC 5.5" Throwing Knife Set With Pouch - BLACK WIDOW SPIDERThis set of combat throwing knife set is named as the Black window. It features pieces of sharp throwing knives that have an overall length of 5.5’’. The blade and handle are very durable as they are made from a strong 404 stainless steel. Length of the blade is 2.5’’ with a sharp tip. It offers you a great experience with 100% accurate target hitting. The black finish gives a very classy and stylish look for showing off at martial arts clubs and even exhibitions. Each one has a black widow printed on it. Aeroblade Knife set offers great precision balance and speed.

To turn these knives into your preferred style, you can add keychain or tassels to the holes. This well-designed black widow knife comes with cutouts in the middle of the handle and blade, and delivers a good weight and balance. For its target precision feature, it is a popular choice of many professionals. Made from stainless steel, it is free from corrosion, rusting and any stains. They are secure to use and last for a lifetime. This set by Aeroblades gives you the confidence to throw perfectly.  

You are provided with nylon made black pouch where you can place all 6 knives safely and securely for transport.


  • 5.5’’ inches length is perfect for soft targets
  • Durable stainless steel blade
  • Laser cuts on blade and handle
  • Great precision and balance


  • Not suitable for tough and denser targets

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7. Whetstone Cutlery Throwing Knives

Whetstone Cutlery 12 Piece Set of S-Force Kunai Knives with Carrying CaseWant to own a dozen knives? This 12-piece knife is for you! Whetstone Cutlery offers you these versatile 12 knives that you can use for combat, throwing, hunting, self-defense purpose and for everyday use. This large set features a double-edged blade for good balance and precision. The blade and handle are well-built from premium-grade stainless steel that is resistant to rust and scratches.

Each one in the set is similar and has a 3.125 inches length of the blade and an overall length of 6.5 inches. The handles of every knife are braided with a khaki green colored nylon cord that offers the user a good grip over the handle and prevents any slip off due to sweat and other substances. The complete symmetrical and aerodynamic design allows the user to predict the spin easily. Well-balanced weight creates a great spin. This 12-piece set is perfect for the newbie and experts at this sport. The knife end features a loop so that you can add a ribbon or tassel to it.

Don’t worry about carrying these 12 blades with you, nylon made carrying case that can hold all 12 knives with belt loop and Velcro closure is provided with.


  • Well-made from stainless steel
  • Easy to use
  • Economical
  • Well-balanced


  • Short handle length for large hands
  • Handle cord comes off easily with few uses

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8. Boker Magnum

Boker Magnum Throwing Knife SetHow can something have a flaw when experts have designed it. Same is the case with this Boker Magnum knife set. This latest item is USA-made. In fact, John Bailey, who is a very famous professional knife thrower and have 40 years above experience, designed it. The blade includes a 420 J2 stainless steel construction giving a perfect balance and durability. The knife is in silver color with no color coating on the blade or handle. It comes in a set of 3 known as Bo-Kri knife set. Each Bo-Kri knife measures 10.75 inches of overall length with 5.7 inches of blade length. This light-weight throwing knife weighs only 7.6 oz. This expert designed product meets all the requirement of a throwing knife. The sharp blade tips can penetrate into harder surfaces without getting blunt.

For easily carrying this set, it comes with a leather brown color classy sheath that you can attach to your arms or legs. This is a must buy for the serious and expert knife throwers!  Prepare to strike the target right every time.


  • 420 J2 Stainless steel blades
  • Large overall length; 10.75’’
  • Leather sheath case
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Comes in a 3-piece setDurable


  • Thin tips prone to breakage

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How to select the best throwing knives

While picking the best throwing knife for yourself, you require some few considerations. Durability and quality is something you need most as there are tons of knife manufacturers in the market offering many different kinds of throwing knives. The differences arise on the basis of aerodynamics, length, size, weight, and sheath. Before you move on, there are some things you need to know.

Difference between throwing knife and an ordinary knife

combat knife on trunk
Combat knife on trunk | Vladislav M

Just like a kitchen knife, a throwing knife also includes a steel construction. However, its design makes it effective for throwing. It is very similar to the darts hitting the right targets which might be far or near. Unlike kitchen knives having one sharp edge, these are not for fruit cutting and vegetable slicing. A thrower knife consists of two parts, the blade, and a grip. The blade is sharp while the grip is for safe handling and knife balancing.  

A throwing knife’s weight should line up with your preferred style of throwing and weighted on purpose to effective throwing.

Throwing knife types

You will encounter these 4 types of throwing knife:

  • Blade-heavy knife: This is an unbalanced type of knife having more weight on the blade than the grip. They come in many different shapes and sizes including a foldable knife. Throwers can use the hammer technique easily to entertain the spectators using this type of knife.
  •  Handle-heavy knife: As the name suggests, the weight is more distributed on the grip handle than the blade. You can throw this knife by gripping the light-weight blade. It is also an unbalanced form of knife. You must be highly-skilled and well-trained to use this for hitting the targets. This unbalanced knife is not for beginners.
  • Balanced knife: A balanced throwing knife has the center of gravity in the middle of the knife. You can either use grip or blade for throwing it. It is suitable for beginners and professional throwers as well. User can also predict the number of spins or rotation this knife makes before hitting the target.
  • Kunai: This type of knife has a tough blade and serves many purposes like a farming tool, weapon, and grappling hook because of its well-aligned edges and geometrical shape.

Length and weight of the knife

Light-weight ones are much easier to throw than heavy ones but target hitting is not always a guarantee. There is a chance to bounce back from lighter blades as they don’t always penetrate into the tough targets. This is not the case with heavy knives. Generally, all small-sized are light in weight and longer ones are heavy. Heavy and large knives have stable flight ability with good consistent penetration power.  You can throw a heavy blade with much more power at distant targets. Smaller ones spin more but counting rotations are easier with long knives. The best way to select the right knife is to find your weight ratio.

Blade material

Most of them include a stainless steel construction that gives them a very shiny finish and corrosion-resistance. Also, the blade tips are susceptible to bending and breaking. Some of the manufacturers use high carbon steel which is the most durable material for a throwing knife’s blade. The tip of the blade should be pointy, sharp and sturdy.


Throwing knives require a different kind of handle than a tactical knife. You can use the handle for gripping the knife while throwing powerfully at the object. Most of the handles include the same material of the blade like stainless steel. There are other materials included in the construction of grip handles that may be polished wooden handles that increase the weight, rubber or plastic handles to reduce the cost of knife and custom handle on which you can engrave your name or logo. The handles also come cord wrapped that improves grip and protection but are hard to maintain. Look for a handle that fits in the palm of hand comfortably.


You should also consider aerodynamics as well. Go for a symmetrical shape knife. Although different shapes and designs look cool it limits the grip and practicality. A sleek slim knife design has better aerodynamics with a good circular spin motion during the flight to the target.

How to throw a throwing knife

If your dream is to buy a knife from this guide and start throwing it to every new target you meet, then it will probably be useful for you to at least watch these two videos. The first one explains how to use a throwing knife without spinning:

And the second one shows you how to do it with spinning:

Final thought

No matter if you are learning knife throwing skills or you are a professional advanced trainer or knife thrower, choosing the best throwing knife will determine the hitting success greatly. So choose wisely! You need to consider the cost, grip, weight, length, durability and the sharpness of the edges before making your purchase. The definition of what is right differs from person to person, as it depends on the preference of people.

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