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how to get sap out of hair

How to Get Sap Out Of Hair – Practical Guide

While spending time outdoors, in a forest or park, you or someone you know may have had a bad encounter with tree...
brightest handheld LED spotlight

Brightest Handheld LED Spotlights on the Market

Are you in search of a tool that will light up the darkest corners of your houses and other dim circumstances? Whether you fall...
copperhead snake image

What Does a Baby Copperhead Snake Look Like?

Copperheads are one of the most prevalent species of snake found in North America. These reptiles are not likely to attack unless...
Sawyer mini vs lifestraw light

Sawyer Mini vs LifeStraw – Beat the Thirst in the Wild

People who spend a lot of time in nature know that drinking water is an essential part of every survival kit. What...
Best pocket knife for a woman

What’s the Best Pocket Knife for a Woman in 2019?

Imagine a wild animal attacking you outdoors, catching you off-guard with nothing to protect yourself. Or better yet, you get hold of...
How to refill a butane lighter

How to Refill a Butane Lighter

A portable fire is super useful. People light their cigarettes and cigars, start campfires, finish their desserts, and even attempt minor repairs...