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is it safe to drink rain water

Can You Drink Rain Water? Let’s Find Out!

Is it safe to drink the water collected when it rains? Drinking rain seems so natural. Most people assume the answer is “yes.” However,...
best throwing knives

Best Throwing Knives in 2019 – Gear Review

If you are looking for the best throwing knives, we are here to help and you landed on the right page. A throwing knife...
can you eat freshwater clams

Can You Eat Freshwater Clams in the Nature?

While spending time at lakes, rivers, or other waterways, you may have gone digging around in the mud and been fortunate enough to find...
best slingshot on the market

Best Slingshots on the Market for a Survivor Thrill

These particularly small, hand-powered projectile weapons called slingshot date back centuries ago and have been key to mankind’s survival. Whether it’s a supplemental item...
How to start a fire with a battery

How to Start a Fire with a Battery – 7 Methods

If anyone has ever been a Boy Scout or a Girl Guide in school, they most likely would have been taught how to start...
Best survival kit

Best Survival Kits You Will Find on the Market

Life-threatening situations do not come with a warning. You need to ensure you’re well-prepared in the face of any disaster. Outdoorsmen who go for...
Multi-colored paracord survival bracelet

How to Make Multi-Colored Paracord Survival Bracelet

The outdoors isn’t for the faint-hearted, but strong, and daring souls. Only the strong-willed can persevere against all odds and survive outdoors. Imagine being outdoors for just...