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how long do ski boots last

How Long Do Ski Boots Last? Discover It With Us!

In the past, doing outdoor sports without equipment was considered okay. Yet, in time we have learned that these sports come with risks and...
best time to buy snowboard

What is The Best Time to Buy a Snowboard?

Ok, let’s begin by assuring you there is no bad time to do that. (Unless you're moving to the desert, of course. That wouldn’t...
how to keep your feet warm when skiing

How to Keep Your Feet Warm When Skiing?

Even though skiing is fun, the cold temperature remains, and it is one thing that you will need to deal with. The cold temperatures...
how to post snowboard

How to Post a Snowboard for Your Winter Trips?

If you are traveling to visit ski slopes around the world, you might want to know how to post a snowboard. It is generally...
when does snowboarding season start

When Does Snowboarding Season Start and End?

Some questions in life are hard to answer: like, “How long is a piece of string?” Others are far simpler – and when we...
is snowboarding cheaper than skiing

Is Snowboarding Cheaper Than Skiing?

You're living the dream. Flying down a beautiful snowy slope in the Alps, towards a tasty glass of glühwein, without a care in the...
how much does it cost to go skiing

How Much Does It Cost to Go Skiing?

Skiing is not for everyone, and it is often seen as one of the most expensive sports. Traditionally, it has always been an expensive...
can you ski in the rain

Can You Ski in The Rain? All Tips You Need

Skiing, in our opinion, is the best sport ever. First, it is perfect for families because it is a discipline even kids can enjoy....
difference between men’s and women’s snowboard

What’s the Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Snowboard?

The snow doesn’t discriminate. Fail to give it the respect it deserves and it will wipe you out – no matter your race, color,...