Does Hiking Burn Belly Fat? All Facts Revealed

does hiking burn belly fat

Yes, hiking does burn belly fat because it combines aerobic and strength exercise. Hiking with a 20lb pack burns around 121 calories per mile (cpm) with 1-5% slopes. Hiking on steeper slopes burns 176 (cpm). Hiking also creates an attractive muscle tone in your legs.
Want to know how to lose weight by hiking? We’re going to give you some more reasons hiking is a great choice for weight loss and some excellent tips to help you lose weight by getting outdoors.

How Does Hiking Burn Belly Fat?

Targeting specific places to ‘burn fat’ isn’t possible. However, hiking is a great way to create a calorie deficit through high-intensity exercise using only your own body weight. A moderate hike on slopes covers more distance, exercises your legs, and increases your heart rate.

An average hiker can plan to burn more calories than they eat by creating a simple hike and meal plan. Over time, the calorie deficit created by moderate hiking will burn calories and contribute to weight loss. Losing weight is the only way to transform your body and burn fat.

mountaineering helps lose fat

Is Hiking a Good Way to Lose Weight?

Hiking is a great way to lose weight because it combines aerobic, high-intensity exercise with low-intensity activity that is good for your body. Hiking burns about 33% more calories than walking. It is also easier on your joints than running.

Hiking helps you lose weight by increasing the number of calories you burn by 33% compared to walking. A hike also boosts your mental health, which can help you control your calorie intake by cutting down on stress eating or bingeing.

Hiking does burn body fat by helping you create a lifestyle where your calories burned are higher than your calorie intake. Despite the number of fad diets, fat burning pills, and diet products on the market, the path to a lower body fat percentage remains simple: burn more calories than you take in.

hiking is a good way to lose weight

Can Hiking Tone Your Body?

Hiking tones your body because it is resistance training using body weight. You’ll burn extra calories because you are climbing. Carrying a moderate backpack increases the calorie burn, helps tone your legs, and can strengthen your core as you maintain good posture.

hiking tones your body

What Exercise Burns Belly Fat the Most?

The number of calories you burn from running is the highest, at about 800 per hour. Hiking can be a low intensity alternative. The calories you burn while hiking are about 176 per mile on 5-10% slopes. At a moderate pace, that’s 400-700 calories per hour.
How long should you walk to burn belly fat?

Walking and hiking are great ways to burn calories. To achieve weight loss, focus on hiking. You’ll need to increase your calories burned by 500 per day to lose a pound each week. A two-hour hike can burn 800+ calories, so aim for three or four of these each week.

walking helps burn calories

How to Lose Weight While Backpacking

The best way to lose inches around your waist while backpacking is to target slopes. Hiking moderate slopes of 5-10% gradients tones your legs, strengthens your muscles, and burns at least twice as many calories compared to walking.

There are three different ways to increase your weight loss through hitting the trails:

  1. Keep up the pace. You don’t need to be running, but aim for a 3-4 mile per hour pace. Moving at 4 mph instead of 3 mph will help you burn around 33% more calories.
  2. Carry more to burn more. Increasing your pack load from 0 to 25 lbs will help you burn an extra 80 calories per hour. Carry a lot of water in a pack when you hit the trail. Add in some extra weight for a more intense workout.
  3. Add activities on the trail. More activities add to your calorie burning. Trekking poles will involve your arms. The little extra energy expenditure will add up along the trail. You could opt for weights instead. Try carrying weights or wearing leg weights.
    The next time you go for a hike, try to do all three things. Increase your carrying load to add muscle resistance. Go faster without running to boost your cardio and endurance. Use poles to involve more of your body in the exercise.

Top 3 Tips to Burn More Calories While Hiking

There are three simple things you can do to burn extra calories while on your next hike: go heavy, go long, and go up. Carry a heavier load to increase muscle resistance. Hike longer trails to maximize your energy expenditure. Target hillier terrain to do more work.

climbing higher burns more calories

Extra Help for Hiking Beginners

If you’re new to hiking, focus on a few simple things:
• Buy the best footwear you can afford to protect yourself from injury and soreness.
• Make sure you maintain a good water level by carrying a large water bottle.
• Take someone with you on your hikes to boost your safety and social life.

Following these three tips will help you have a wonderful experience, protect you from injuries, and help you move towards your fitness goal.

Besides these tips, we can offer you some other points of advice.
• First, wear great hiking socks. Trails can be rough on your feet. Hiking socks have extra padding in the heels to help cushion your bones and prevent blisters. Find a nice comfortable type and wear them every time.
• Second, see a physician if you have any unexpected pains. When people hike, the pain can surprise them. You may experience sore muscles and stiff joints. If something seems off or worse than you’d expect, then go see your physician.
• Third, take a camera. Other people might want to support you in your goal. Keep a record of your hikes and your progress towards getting rid of any stubborn fat. Find the thing that motivates you and take pictures to keep you going.

bring someone when hiking


We’ve shown you that hiking does burn belly fat by helping to create a calorie deficit. Exercise outdoors is a great way to lose weight, smash your fitness goals, and get your heart rate up. Its mental health boost will help you control binge eating, too.
Do you have a great hiking story or some more tips? Give us a shout in the comment section.

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