How Should Chacos Fit? 5 Tips to Find Your Sandals

how should chacos fit

To know how should Chacos fit, read on and we’ll help you to avoid the common Chacos sizing pitfalls and find the right foot-based companion for your next outdoor adventure.

Chaco sandals have a lot of fans amongst outdoor enthusiasts. It’s easy to see why. They’re far more rugged than your typical flip-flop and they provide much better support for your feet, too.

Plus, they are hella stylish! At least we think they are, and we don’t know anyone more stylish than us! Now, don’t get us wrong, you’re not about to see them at Paris Fashion Week. But they do come in a range of snazzy colours. And let’s face it – what more can you ask from a walking sandal that you’re gonna be jumping through puddles in?

For countless hikers and travellers, Chacos are the ideal piece of footwear.  The company is pretty proud of them too – each pair has a lifetime warranty, meaning should the straps fray or the sole come unglued you can have them repaired, free of cost.

So they’re super-durable, meaning once you’ve got a pair of Chacos you probably won’t be changing brands anytime soon. Which is great. Exactly what you want in a pair of hiking sandals. Unless, of course, you get your size wrong. Imagine having spent a pile of dosh on something that doesn’t fit and knowing it’s not going to break anytime soon, or ever. What a nightmare! Fortunately for you, our guide is here!

chacos hiking sandals

1. Strap it Up the Right Way

Chacos are adjustable Z strap sandals. The Z refers to the shape of the continuous strap that works its way around your foot in a Z shape. This design provides your foot with a nice comforting hug of support when you’re out leaping around like a mountain goat!

One of the best things about a pair of Chacos is that the straps not only come in adorable jazzy colours, they’re also fully adjustable. This makes a lot of sense because of course, no two pairs of feet are the same.

However, the fact you can tinker around so much with the straps can confuse some shoppers. For some, it can mean they leave the shop with a shoe that’s not ideal for their foot. How to avoid this? Well, first you’ve got to unlearn how to tie your shoes and relearn to tie them the Chaco way.

So, how should Chacos fit? Well, before heading to the shoe shop, take a note of following points:

  • 1. Study the Chacos looping up guide – you can find it here.
  • 2. Make sure the straps hit your feet in the right place.
  • 3. Loose is better than tight – if it stays on your foot, it’s tight enough.
  • 4. Do the finger test – you should be able to slide a finger between your foot and the straps.

If you need more help, watch this quick video.

2. Line Up the Luvseat

Chacos aren’t like other shoes. Each one comes with a patented Luvseat Footbed. What’s this, you ask? Well, it’s fancy Chacos talk for a shaped sole that cups your heel and supports your arch.

When it fits, it feels great and promotes good foot health – that’s not just us saying so, it’s certified by the foot nerds over at the American Podiatric Medical Association.

When it doesn’t fit, however, like any piece of footwear it’s gonna lead to achy feet. And nobody wants achy feet. Especially not when out on the trail. One little trick to increase your odds of feeling the love from the Luvseat is to ensure the highest point of your Chacos footbed is in line with the front of your shin. This is designed in such a way as to give maximum support to your ankles.

  1. Draw an imaginary line straight down from the front of your shin to the floor.
  2. Check if the line passes through the highest point in the Chacos footbed.
  3. Too big or too small, and this highest point will be too far forward or back.

chacos footwear

3. Pay Attention to the Dots and Dashes

When choosing your Chacos pay close attention to the small markings on the back of the heel. A dot refers to a regular width sandal, a dash to a wider version.

Why Chacos choose to communicate with you in Morse Code, we have no idea. If you forget to check before buying, however, you might end up with sandals that don’t quite fit. Your feet might send out their own S.O.S!

4. Chacos Only Come in Full Sizes

One thing you should know in advance is that Chacos sandals only come in complete sizes. That’s great for people out there with a full-sized foot but what about the rest of us who want half-sized Chacos?

Don’t worry, it’s not that complicated. Chacos recommends, and we’re quoting from their site here, “If you’re a half size, we generally suggest that you go up to the nearest whole size.”

Ok, panic over. That’s easy enough. Note, however, whenever someone says “generally” it means for some of you this isn’t going to apply. That’s why it’s always better to check and then check again.

5. Toe Strap or No Toe Strap

That is the question. There are two species of Chacos sandal, toe strap or no toe strap. For the most part, it’s completely up to personal preference which you choose. Do you like your big toe having a little hug or not?!

There are a couple of exceptions. If you have feet with high arches or insteps then you should go for the toeless version of the sandals. Toe au naturale.

  • High arches or insoles = No toe strap
  • Normal feet = No toe or toe strep

Why? Well, Chacos reports that some individuals with high arches might experience a condition known as “toe tightening” when wearing the toe strap versions of their sandals. Don’t worry, this isn’t serious. Sufferers won’t need anything amputated. It just means the straps might get progressively tighter as you walk and need readjusting. Like a toe wedgie. To avoid this, and for an all-round better Chaco sandals fit, just opt for the toeless version.

Final Thought: Finding the Chaco Sandals Fit that Works for You

Chacos are beloved by so many outdoor fans, they have to be doing something right. They occupy that sweet spot between being useful, long-lasting and fashionable. But as we’ve seen, some of the things that make them so adored can leave many shoppers scratching their head asking, “how do Chacos fit?!”

  1. Pay attention to the straps.
  2. Line up your shin with the highest part of the footbed.
  3. Make sure you choose the correct width.
  4. If you’re a half size, it’s advised to round up.
  5. If you have high arches, go for the no toe strap design.

Above all, don’t rush. Follow the points we’ve been through above and we’re confident you and your Chacos are going to be the perfect fit. Probably establishing a relationship that lasts longer than many others in your life. At least that’s what happened with us. Sigh.

Happy Hiking! 

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