How to Post a Snowboard for Your Winter Trips?

how to post snowboard

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If you are traveling to visit ski slopes around the world, you might want to know how to post a snowboard. It is generally a larger piece of gear and this makes it daunting for many people to ship the unit.

Since people like you love to travel, it can happen that you want to ship your gear. So it is important to understand how to do that. In this article, we will look a little closer at the shipping of snowboards. We will show you the steps you should take. Keep in mind that it will be different when shipping it from various countries. Using various shipping services will also be different.

Why You Might Need to Ship a Snowboard?

As a beginner, you might be satisfied with using rented gear. However, expert skiers and snowboarders rely on their equipment. We have identified some of the main reasons that people might want to ship their snowboards from one country to another:

ship a snowboard

You Know Your Gear

As mentioned, you already know the ins and outs of your gear, and it is not always comfortable renting gear. By using your equipment, you will already be comfortable with the sizing. The snowboard will be the one you use often. Additionally, you will be able to hit the slopes much sooner. This is due to spending less time finding the right gear you are comfortable with.

It Can be Cheaper

One of the issues with traveling with your gear is that airports often lose luggage. It is a common fact that airports lose hundreds of bags each day. If this is your specialized snowboard equipment, you might be left without gear. The other issue is the costs that are associated with carrying extra equipment.

With many airlines, you might find that you pay more for the extra luggage. It will be much cheaper shipping it to your specific destination. You might have to bear additional costs of insurance as well, which could significantly spike the price of your gear.

You Won’t Have to Deal With All the Stress

Stress is something we all want to avoid when we are going on vacation or traveling to a ski destination. If you are responsible for your gear at the airport, it can be daunting. You will need to carry around all the gear and hope that it doesn’t get lost. By shipping your gear, you will leave it in the hands of professionals. This means you don’t need to worry about the gear.

How to Ship Your Snowboard in 5 Simple Steps?

snowboarders in a station

Snowboards are often a daunting task to ship. Knowing how to ship your snowboard is crucial for a stress-free trip. We have identified a couple of steps that should make snowboard transportation comfortable. We have identified some of the crucial steps. These will allow you to comfortably ship the snowboard and gear to your desired location:

1. Understand the Packaging

One of the first things that you will need to deal with is the packaging of the gear. It is best to do the research and find the safest and most trusted ways to package your gear. By keeping as many gear items as you can together, you will reduce the risk of losing gear significantly. Here is what we recommend for the packing:

  • Add a protective layer: The first thing you will need to do is add some protective layer. Bubble wrap is a great addition and should be the first thing you add to your snowboard.
  • Add original packaging if possible: If possible, use the original packaging. It should make it much easier to protect the snowboard efficiently.
  • Travel padded bag: You can always buy an additional travel bag. There are plenty of padded travel bags, and once you find the right-sized bag, you should be fine. The Athletico Conquest Padded Snowboard Bag is a great option for you to consider.
  • Recheck the packaging to ensure it’s secure: Before taking it to your local shipping center, you should recheck the packaging. The check is to ensure that everything is protected.

Once you have made sure that all the packaging is secure and you have everything in order, you should be ready to send the gear. For your accessories, we would recommend that you wrap them separately and place them in a different box. If you have small gear items, you can even add them to the luggage you are traveling with.

2. Choosing a Reputable Company

Once you have everything wrapped and placed in the specific bags, you might want to do some online research to find the right shipping company. There are plenty of shipping companies in the United States. However, not all of these shipping companies have services to ship your snowboard all over the world.

3. Filling Out the Information Card

With anything that you are shipping, you will have to fill out an information card. The information card will ask you all the vital information related to your package. You must fill out the information card correctly and directly specify all the products you are shipping. It is even better if you can indicate the brand and model of the product.

You might also have the opportunity to register for some additional insurance on the package you are shipping. Depending on the level of insurance that is offered by the shipping company, you might need to add additional insurance. However, most shipping companies will take full responsibility for the products.

4. Make Sure You Understand the Time of Arrival

One thing that many people often neglect to check is the shipping dates and the date of arrival. While things could get held up by unforeseen situations, you should time it to perfection. This will ensure that your package arrives on the right date. You must ensure your package is not delayed, and we would recommend sending it ahead of time.

The great thing about most shipping companies is that they can often hold your package for a few days. Yes, you might need to pay an additional fee for the storage. However, we would argue that it is much better to have your gear arrive ahead of time than buying brand new gear or settle for renting your new gear.

5. Pick Up Your Package on Arrival

Once you have made the journey to the specific location, you should consider picking up your package as soon as possible. There have been many instances of people losing packages when they leave them in storage. If you arrive at your desired location ahead of time, you might want to pick up the package as soon as possible.

Additional Tips and Tricks for Posting a Snowboard

Now that you know how to post your board, you should be ready to go traveling. To make sure that you have the most stress-free trip possible, we have identified a couple of additional tips. These tips will ensure that you have the best trip and transportation possible:

Always Keep Your Snowboard Protected

The most important thing, and we cannot stress this enough is to keep your snowboard as safe as possible. There are plenty of different transport options. The specialized bags are designed for the job. These bags might be expensive. However, considering the price of snowboards and gear that might need to be replaced, it is cheap.

Reliability is Key

You must choose a reliable shipping company. There are plenty of great shipping companies that should provide you. It will also ensure that your gear gets delivered. The great thing about the internet is that you can read some reviews of shipping companies before you decide on which one to choose.

Consider Insurance

Shipping might be stress-free and often it is very reliable. However, you might run into unforeseen circumstances. While the shipping company should offer you insurance, it might not cover all the costs. Adding your own insurance will be expensive. It is far better to pay for just in case something happens and you don’t need to replace the snowboard.

Be Patient

Finally, you might be stressing yourself up when shipping your snowboard for the first time. However, the success rate of shipping items has been proven by the most reputable companies. You just have to remain calm and patient and eventually, you will arrive with your snowboard to have some fun.


If you like traveling the world and exploring different ski slopes, your snowboard is one of your best assets. Understanding how to post a snowboard will ensure that you can travel with your own gear and have some fun. We recommend using these tips to ensure you can ship a snowboard to almost any destination.

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