Klymit Static V vs V2 – Sleeping Pads You Need!

klymit static V vs V2

Camping is one of the most popular outdoor activities in the USA. Sleeping accessories for camping form an important part of any camping list. One item that has become a much-used product in recent times is the sleeping pad. In this article, we bring you the Klymit Static V Vs V2 – two different variations of this product.

Unlike a regular sleeping mat, a sleeping pad is more like a mattress. There are two types that are used regularly, inflatable and foam-filled. Since inflatable sleeping pads are the more popular type, we will compare two models of this category. We did some deep research into several different brands and models of inflatable sleeping pads. After considering all the pros and cons of countless products, we finally chose two models manufactured by Klymit.

We made our choice on the assumption that these two models meet several requirements that are desirable for this sort of product. So, let us take a closer look at these two models from Klymit and compare the features to see which one you would prefer, and of course, which the one we feel is the best.

Klymit Static V vs V2 battle at a glance

ParameterKlymit Static VKlymit Static V2
Weight18.01 Oz16.33 Oz
Antimicrobial TreatedNoYes
Inflation Required10-15 breaths10 breaths
Fabric LayersSingle LayerDouble Layer
Air Retention+++
Side RailsNoYes

1. Klymit Static V Sleeping Pad

Klymit Static VThis sleeping pad is robust and versatile and is easy to install and use whenever required. You get this pad in various colors of your choice ranging from different shades of camouflage to green or ‘coyote-sand.’ The unique design limits air movement and restricts heat loss. This enables you to have a good night’s sleep, to wake up fresh in the morning and raring to go! The push valve makes inflation and deflation quick and easy. In just 10 to 15 breaths, your bed is ready to settle into for the night or an afternoon nap. This sleeping pad is also amazingly lightweight, just 18.01 Oz, making it easy to transport in a deflated condition. The specially designed V-shaped configuration ensures that you are comfortable no matter in which position you lie. The side rails help to center you, to minimize movement as you sleep so that you do less tossing and turning and more sleeping. High-quality fabric makes this backpacker-friendly lighter and softer.


  • Comfortable
  • Easy to inflate
  • Wide range of colors and shades
  • Robust fabric


  • Air pump not provided
  • Some complaints of air leakage overnight

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2. Klymit Static V2 Inflatable Sleeping Pad

Klymit Static V2The super-comfortable camping pad is now even lighter than its previous version. The Klymit Static V2 camping pad made of high-end fabric is lighter and softer. At just 16.33 Oz., this new, improved product from Klymit provides a comfortable sleep throughout the night. You will be even more secure with the dynamic side rails and the V-shape that takes the contours of your body as no other sleeping pad does. The unique ‘twist-pull’ design of the valve helps you to inflate it easily in just 10 breaths and enables easy and quick deflation as well. The design also includes a provision where the valve cannot be inadvertently opened.

The fabric consists of two layers of 30D (denier) and 75D polyester which provides adequate protection from tears, abrasions or punctures. The pad is treated with antimicrobial agents to prevent accumulation of microorganisms like bacteria and fungus that can cause unpleasant odors. And in case of the unfortunate event of a puncture occurring, you also get a patch kit for fixing your sleeping pad. The stuff sack conveniently stores it and protects your pad while you travel around.

A common tendency of other pads is to become flat. The ‘deep weld patterning’ of these ones creates a space underneath you for added warmth and comfort. Moreover, ‘body mapping technology’ provides excellent support and comfort through the ‘V’ shaped design. This results in a sound sleep, regardless of the position you lie in.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to inflate
  • Superior body mapping technology
  • Antimicrobial treated
  • Deep weld technology for added warmth and comfort


  • Air tends to release at higher pressures while inflating
  • Less comfortable for side sleepers
  • A few reports of overnight air leakage

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Differences Between the V and V2 models

We will come to a final conclusion regarding which model we prefer from the two of them. But before we share our verdict with you, let’s take a closer look at the features of each of them. This should make it easier to see why one is superior to the other:

Weight Factor

The basic difference between the Klymit V and Klymit V2 model is the weight. The manufacturer claims that the V2 model is 12% lighter than the V model. This may seem like a negligible difference. However, if you are going to be hand-carrying most of your camping gear, every added ounce to your equipment counts.

Fabric Used

Coming to the other differences, let us consider the fabric that makes both these models. Klymit claims that the fabric of the V2 model is new and improved from the V model. The previous model uses only a single layer of fabric. The new model comprises of 2 layers of different deniers.

This new feature in the V2 model offers two benefits. Firstly, the double-layering offers added protection from rips and tears. Secondly, the double layer offers extra insulation which will keep you warmer on a cold night. Added thermal protection can be particularly welcome while hammock camping, as some satisfied customers found out.

Another advantage of the V2 model is that it is antimicrobial treated. This means that the possibility of developing unpleasant odors is minimized with the V2. You will need to take extra precautions by cleaning the V model after use to ensure that odors do not develop.

Air Retention

Any inflatable product is as good as its capacity to retain air for a long time. Hence, when we compart the V and V2 models, we see that the V model does have some leakage issues as reported from a few users. The V2 model enjoys the status of being able to retain air for much longer periods.

Side Rails

The V2 model has an advanced side rails system as compared to the V model. The function of side rails is to keep you more or less in the center of the pad while you sleep. This minimizes the chance of you slipping off onto the cold, hard ground in the middle of the night. You will agree that this is quite a significant advantage, as you are guaranteed a good night’s sleep.

beautiful camping spot
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The Final Verdict

Now comes the interesting part of this comparison of Klymit Static V vs V2 sleeping pads. Yes, it’s what we think about these two products and which one we feel is the best.

Starting with the Klymit Static V sleeping pad. Here is a pad that is comfortable, lightweight and portable. It has a wide range of colors to choose from and it is easy to inflate. The fabric is robust, and the handy stuff bag makes it easy to carry around. On the downside, there were some complaints of air leakage. Another drawback is that it doesn’t come with an air pump. Not everyone has strong lungs. Also, the air tends to push back when almost fully inflated.

Coming to the Klymit static V2 sleeping pad, it is a development over the previous model, in that the fabric is improved. It is also antimicrobial treated. The features of this pad are similar to that of its predecessor. However, with additional deep weld technology and body mapping technology, it promises added comfort. This puts it on a slightly higher position than the previous model. Although you will be paying more for this pad, you will also get a slightly better benefit.

Weighing the pros and cons of both these models, we felt that the V2 model is slightly superior and is therefore our favored choice. If you have budget constraints, you could go in for the previous model.

With all this information, you should now be better equipped to choose a suitable sleeping pad for your next camping trip.

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