Romantic Camping Ideas That Will Melt Your Heart

romantic camping ideas

Going on a camping trip with your significant other is a good way to escape the routine of daily life and reconnect with one another. Together you can relax, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy the beauty of the natural world. You can also make the trip a romantic one by taking the time and effort to plan ways to win each other’s hearts (yet again). If you need some inspiration, we’ve got you covered. We have romantic camping ideas that are sure to make your next camping trip fun and full of romance.

Best camping ideas for couples

1. Find a more private camping spot

For any romantic getaway it’s important to think about location, location, location. Find a camping spot where you’re both comfortable, but also have space for alone time. Look for campgrounds with large campsites or ones that are less crowded. Before reserving a spot, do your research ahead of time and look for campsite details on their website. If there are no photos or maps online, call to ask which sites have the most tree coverage and space. If you’re a more adventurous couple, you can also take your camping trip to the backcountry for more privacy.

private camping spot
Private camping spot | 6091236

2. Fireside dinner

A nice romantic dinner by the fire is sure to spice up any camping trip. Pick one of your favorite meals as a couple, pack all of the necessary ingredients and cook it together at your campsite. Also, make sure no one gets angry from a hungry belly by bringing an appetizer or snacks to eat while preparing the meal.

To make the dinner more romantic, set the table with a table cloth and a centerpiece. The centerpiece can be as simple as a bouquet of wildflowers from the forest or a bowl of pinecones and leaves. Once your dish is cooked, make sure you sit and enjoy the meal together (the dishes can wait).

Considerations: Keep in mind that cooking with camping equipment or over a fire can also take longer than your stove at home. To help speed up the process, consider preparing vegetables/meat/fish ahead of time. After dinner, make sure both of you wash the dishes and clean up your cooking area. Your camping trip could take a turn for the worst if a wild animal smells the mess you left at your campsite. Leave any leftover food in your vehicle or in an animal-proof container for your safety.

lovely camping dinner
Lovely camping dinner | Christine Siracusa

3. Indulge in dessert

Packing your favorite desserts can spark more romance during your camping trip because sweet treats are often associated with love. Sharing dessert together after a romantic fireside dinner will be the cherry on top of a good meal. If you don’t want to pack pre-made desserts, you can also go the more traditional camping route and make desserts over the fire. Bring ingredients such as marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers, strawberries and bananas, then take turns making s’mores or banana boats for each other. This is a sure way to please each other’s hearts (and stomachs).

red fruits romantic dessert
Red fruits romantic dessert | sweetlouise

4. Don’t forget the drinks

Remember to pack your favorite drinks to keep you and your significant other warm and toasty. It can be chilly early in the morning and in the evening so bringing hot chocolate, coffee or tea will essential. If you’re both in the mood for something a little stronger, pack bottles of beer, cider or wine (and don’t forget a bottle opener). You will get extra points for romance if you make the effort and space to pack wine glasses. While you’re enjoying your drinks, make a toast to each other in honor of your romantic camping trip.

Considerations: Keep the alcohol consumption at a moderate level. You wouldn’t want to ruin the trip by one (or both) of you getting sick from drinking too much. Keep it light and fun.

romantic glass of wine
Romantic glass of wine | Holgi

5. Snuggle up by the fire

After a nice romantic dinner, it’s time to sit, relax and enjoy the fire. It’s also the perfect time to start snuggling when the sun goes down and the temperature starts to drop. Pack extra blankets and cushions to place on the ground if there are no seats or picnic tables available. The advantage of sitting on the ground is you’ll have more space to snuggle with your significant other. Make sure both of you are comfortable sitting around the fire. Set up your snuggle area a safe distance from the fire so that you don’t get hit by flying embers.

6. Soft music

Music can help set the mood during any romantic getaway. If one (or both) of you is musically talented, bring your instruments and have a jam session. You can also bring a small Bluetooth speaker to enjoy some music together. Make sure to prepare a romantic camping playlist ahead of time so you don’t have to keep clicking ‘next’ through your music.

Considerations: Of course, choose genres of music you both enjoy. For example, if one partner hates country music, we suggest to leave it off the playlist and save it for another day. While enjoying quality time together, it’s also important to keep the volume low. You still want to have a good conversation with your partner, so make sure your music is not louder than your voices.

couple playing guitar
Couple playing guitar | Mike Giles

7. Mood lighting

When the sun goes down and the fire goes out, it’s time to take the romance into the tent. Make sure you come prepared with dim lights to help set the mood. Before your camping trip, buy battery-powered string lights or LED candle lights. You can also improvise by putting a piece of cloth over your camp lantern and placing it in the middle of your tent.

Considerations: Remember to turn off the lights before bed so that they don’t become a fire hazard. Also, never bring real candles inside the tent. They may be romantic, but they can quickly start a fire in a small enclosed space.

8. Maximize comfort

Make your shelter a comfortable space to be in because it will be your home for the entire camping trip. An air mattress or sleeping pad(s) will be essential because they will offer you comfort and insulation. Thicker mattresses and pads will ensure that you don’t feel any rocks or roots beneath you. Having a mattress or pad between you and the ground will also be warmer than if you only had a sleeping bag.

You can invest in a double sleeping bag for you and your partner to stay warm all through the night. (Plus it’s more romantic than sleeping in separate sleeping bags). Remember to also bring pillows and blankets to make the tent a comfortable place to hang out it.

And if you want the ultimate comfort for a romantic night, you can bring a camping cot adapted for couple with you. This is probably the most luxurious option, but you will sleep like if you were at home.

Considerations: If you have limited space to bring lots of blankets and pillows, you can get creative and make “cushions” by stuffing extra clothes in your sweaters.

comfy flower bed
Comfy flower bed | Free-Photos

9. Bring games to play

Another way to bring fun and romance to the campsite is to enjoy each other’s company with some games. Make sure to pack two-person board games, cards, and outdoor games such as ladder ball. You can avoid dull moments on your camping trip by bringing at least one game you both enjoy. Playing games and sharing a good laugh can also help you reconnect as a couple and keep your minds off work and other stressors back home.

Considerations: If space in your bags or vehicle is an issue, you can play games that require no equipment at all. For example: truth or dare, would you rather, or two truths and a lie. You can also improvise games (such as horseshoe and bocce ball) with materials found in nature. Just look around your campsite for rocks or pieces of wood that can be a substitute for the equipment.

10. Enjoy mother nature

While you’re camping, take time to enjoy the great outdoors. Nature’s wonders have a way of captivating our hearts in a way that cities and buildings can’t. Make memories with your loved one and plan outdoor activities near your campground. Check ahead of time to see if there are any nearby hiking trails, waterfalls or other places of interest. If you’re camping by a lake, river or ocean, make sure to pack your swimming gear.

Also remember that you don’t have to go far to enjoy nature. You can simply lay down side-by-side to gaze at the stars, sit together and wait for the sun to set on the horizon, or get up for an early morning walk to enjoy the sunrise.

Considerations: For any outdoor activity you choose to do, always consider each other’s safety and level of comfort. Remember to pack water, snacks, and first aid supplies. Although it’s good to do things beyond your comfort zone, we suggest choosing hiking trails and activities that are challenging but not too difficult. Going far beyond your comfort levels may result in fighting (which can also kill the romance) during your camping trip.

couple admiring mother nature
Couple admiring mother nature | Timo Stern

11. Disconnect from devices

This last idea can really heat up the romance, but it can also be the most challenging one to follow through with. We live in a technological age where we’ve become attached to our devices and have a hard time letting go. But with any romantic getaway, it’s important to be present and enjoy the quality time you have with each other. If you’re both making the effort to step out of your daily routine, take it the extra mile and disconnect yourselves from smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc.

Reconnect with your significant other by leaving your devices on silent or off completely. Instead of stressing about work or your social media accounts, focus on spending quality time with each other and enjoy your camping trip while it lasts. By making the conscious effort to disconnect, all of the other romantic camping ideas mentioned can be brought to life and bring you closer as a couple.

Be well prepared for your romantic camping

Apart from the camping ideas for couples that we outlined in the article, safety and comfort should be among your top priorities. The outdoor elements are unpredictable and can cause a lot of discomfort if you are not prepared for it. Preparedness will be the key to your survival and ensure that both of you have fun throughout the trip. Below are some tips on how to plan a successful camping trip as a couple:

  • Follow a camping checklist and double-check it once you’re done packing. Using a checklist is helpful because it reduces the chances that you’ll forget something at home.
  • Do your research ahead of time. Look up how to get to your campsite before you leave the house to ensure that you don’t get lost. Before you leave it’s also a good idea to check the weather forecast to make sure both of you have the right gear packed in your bags.
  • Know which wild animals live in the area. Be prepared by having a plan for food storage, bringing bear spray and knowing what to do when you encounter wild animals.
  • For campgrounds that allow reservations, book in advance. For first-come-first-served sites, make sure you show up early to secure a spot. You wouldn’t want your romantic camping trip to be ruined by having nowhere to sleep.

Final thoughts

Planning a regular camping trip takes time and effort. But as you read in this article, planning a romantic camping getaway requires you to go the extra mile. Each of these ideas requires thought and preparation to make sure the romance factor is achieved. Make sure to start planning and packing well ahead of time so that you don’t forget anything at home (or at the store). Properly preparing for the trip can help ensure that you and your partner won’t fight over camping logistics. Instead, you can focus on spending quality time together.

In conclusion, we hope that our romantic camping ideas will create new and exciting memories that you and your significant other will never forget. We also hope that it won’t be the last time you make your camping trip a romantic one.

couple in love
Couple in love | scottwebb

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