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klymit static V vs V2

Klymit Static V vs V2 – Sleeping Pads You Need!

Camping is one of the most popular outdoor activities in the USA. Sleeping accessories for camping form an important part of any...
romantic camping ideas

Romantic Camping Ideas That Will Melt Your Heart

Going on a camping trip with your significant other is a good way to escape the routine of daily life and reconnect...
How to start a fire with a battery

How to Start a Fire with a Battery – 7 Methods

If anyone has ever been a Boy Scout or a Girl Guide in school, they most likely would have been taught how...
Best altimeter watch

The 9 Best Altimeter Watches You Will Find in 2019

An altimeter is usually a barometer used to measure altitude with air pressure readings. The higher you go, the less the atmospheric...
can you eat freshwater clams

Can You Eat Freshwater Clams in the Nature?

While spending time at lakes, rivers, or other waterways, you may have gone digging around in the mud and been fortunate enough...