What is The Best Time to Buy a Snowboard?

best time to buy snowboard

Ok, let’s begin by assuring you there is no bad time to do that. (Unless you’re moving to the desert, of course. That wouldn’t make much sense, now would it?!) If you want to get out on the slopes, and you’ve learned the safety tips to prepare you, the best time to buy is right now. Don’t delay!

Buying your first board, or upgrading your existing one, is always a fun experience. Even people who aren’t too keen on shopping usually enjoy the buzz of choosing a board. That said, if time is on your side and you’re looking to bag a seriously good deal, then it does pay to be crafty around when you go shopping.

So when exactly is the best time to buy a snowboard? Read on and we’ll spill the beans!

Best Time to Buy = Off-Season

Foresight is a fabulous thing. If you know you want to get into snowboarding – or that you need to upgrade your existing board – then the best time to go snowboard shopping is when there is absolutely no snow on the ground.

That means going shopping after the boarding season has just ended. Or going deep into the off-season.

The savings you can find in this off-season can be considerable; sometimes, if you’re lucky, you can save over 60% off the ticket price just by waiting a few months! Remember, good things come to those who wait. So be patient, and the rewards will come.

Why the Discounts?

Well, after the season has ended, most outdoor stores will be looking to offload their existing stock of winter gear to make room for all the paraphernalia associated with summer sports. All the skateboards, mountain bikes, tents and camping gear, etc. Meaning stores will often slash prices to offload stock as quickly as possible.

Later in the off-season, there will likely be another slash in prices as stores look to clear out items to make room for the next season’s models.

Potential Downside

The off-season is definitely the best time to get your hands on a cheap snowboard. However, going shopping for a board in the middle of the summer will likely mean the selection of designs is dramatically reduced. So if money isn’t the biggest issue – but getting the board of your dreams is – then forget about waiting for the summer months. Head to the stores just before the season begins, or mid-season.

The Sweet Spot

For us, the sweet spot for finding a discounted gem is just after the season has ended, (around March/April) but before the stores have cleared out the vast majority of their stock. The prices might not be as bargain-basement as they will be in a few months’ time – but you will still have a good choice of boards available.

snowboard with snowboarding equipment

Best Time to Buy a Second-Hand Board

If money is the biggest deciding factor in your snowboard shopping process, then avoiding the stores entirely is the best decision you could make! Instead, keep your eyes peeled online for a second-hand board and save yourself a fortune.

Now, the downside of shopping for a second-hand board is that a lot is down to luck. You never know when someone will be selling the board of your dreams.

Also, if a seller knows what they are doing – if they have read this article, for instance – they will likely wait until the season is about to start so they can charge more for the board as the market will be hotter.

So, unfortunately, the best time to buy a second-hand board is also out of season. That is, unless you’re buying for someone who knows less than you!

Other Good Times to Buy Snowboards

Life was once ruled by the seasons; we lived in harmony with the ebb and flow of nature. Nowadays, things have changed a little. The internet is the dominant force in your lives. In the Northern Hemisphere, the snowboard season is just getting going in late November, meaning the prices of boards should be the highest. However, there is always an exception to the rule.

Black Friday Deals

Enter Black Friday and Cyber Monday: these two days at the end of November see prices slashed in-store and online for many big-ticket items. In some stores, this includes snowboards.

The likelihood is the items on sale are last season’s leftovers – but if that doesn’t matter to you, this small window at the end of November can represent a great opportunity to bag a bodacious board. Miss it, and you will have to wait five months until the after-season sales in March or April.

Brand-Specific Bargains

Just because a store isn’t having a deal on the board you want, doesn’t mean an online store or the brand itself isn’t. If you’ve got a board or a brand in mind, keep track of their social media and you might find yourself able to leap upon a bargain when it pops up. Keep your eyes peeled and the Gods of the Slopes may smile down upon you!

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Final Thoughts: What Matters to You?

Life is all about priorities and compromises. And shopping for a snowboard is no different. To be honest, there is no absolute best time to buy a snowboard – but there is also no worst time. There is the cheapest time to buy a board (that’s the off-season), but then you sacrifice the choice of boards on offer.

Ask yourself, what are my priorities? Is it saving money, or is it getting the dream board? Then make your decision accordingly. And of course, always keep your peepers peeled for those second-hand deals – who knows, your next-door neighbour might be offloading your ideal board in a garage sale for under a hundred bucks. Your karma might just be that good!

Be flexible, be realistic, and shopping, like life, becomes a whole lot less stressful.

Happy snowboard shopping – and see you on the slopes!

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