What is the Eno Doublenest Weight Limit?

Eno Doublenest Weight Limit

We love hammocks – and we pride ourselves on knowing a thing or two about them. So we feel confident in telling you that the Eno Doublenest is a very good one indeed. It’s got a great build quality. It’s super lightweight. And it’s built to withstand a heavy load.

How heavy? Well, if you’re here for the exact answer, then the Eno Doublenest weight limit is a tidy 400lbs – that’s 181kg for you kilogram fans. This is according to the manufacturer’s specifications, and we’ve no reason to doubt what they tell us. It would be a weird thing to lie about!

Yet, as with everything in life, the simple answer isn’t always the complete answer. After all, the world is full of grey areas. So read on as we delve into more detail – whether you want it or not!

man on a hammock by a body of water

How Heavy is 400lbs?

The Eno hammock weight limit is 400lbs but how heavy is 400lbs, exactly?! To put that into some context, 400lbs is about the average weight of a healthy silverback gorilla in the wild. So unless you are of Kong-like proportions, you’ll likely be OK hopping into an Eno hammock.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson only weighs in at a paltry 270lbs…and he’s a pretty big chap!

adult gorilla standing by a rock wall

How Heavy is the Average Joe?

We know nobody reading an article on this site would ever be considered “average”. You are all far too smart and good looking for that. However, if you and your partner are around the average weight for an American, then you won’t have any issue snuggling up for a nice snooze in the trees, held safely by a Doublenest.

Don’t believe us? Well, according to the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), the average American male weighs 199.8lbs and the average female 170.8lb. This means the average American couple weighs in at a combined weight of 370.6lb. Which means you’ve still got around 30lbs to spare. Just enough to fit a two-year-old child in with you (average weight 26.5lbs), or an English Cocker Spaniel, or should you wish, 30 x 1lb bags of sugar. Wow, that’s a lot of math!

What if I Weigh 401lbs?

What do you do if you are a bit bigger than average and do weigh just over 400lbs? Or if you’re sharing your hammock with a friend or loved one and your combined weight comes in at 401lb?  (After all, the Doublenest has ‘double’ in its name for a reason. It’s ideal for two campers to snuggle in together.)

Well, in general, companies will build in a safety factor into their products. If they’re telling you the upper weight limit is 400lb, then it’s likely quite a bit higher. So if you happen to be weighing in at 401lbs, you’ll probably be alright. (Although the risk is entirely yours!)

If you are over 400lbs then the manufacturer will accept no blame should things go bump in the night. Our advice is: don’t go hanging your hammock from too high a tree. In general, why not follow a little life advice our Grandpops gave us and never hang your hammock higher than you are willing to fall?!

Any Exceptions to the Rule?

So, we know we told you above you’d be ok…as long as you don’t weigh more than the average male silverback gorilla. But before you get too carried away, we should point out that the 400lb weight limit refers to a static weight.

What does “static weight” mean? It refers to you just sitting or hanging stationary in your hammock. If, however, you start jumping around or swinging about vigorously – like a gorilla – then you’ll be putting the hammock under added stress and that upper weight limit will likely be less than stated.

Basically, be sensible. Don’t hold any midnight raves in your hammock. Or if you do, only invite very light friends.

Final Thoughts: Eno Hammock Weight Limit

The Eno hammock system is a sturdy bit of outdoor kit. If you’re using one alone and you’re healthy enough to have hiked to the top of a hill, then chances are you’ll be light enough to use one. Generally speaking, no offence meant to any bigger boned campers out there.

We reckon the bigger risk is for those of you looking to share your hammock with a friend, or even two. Having yourself a hammock party is amazing fun. It’s also exactly what the Eno Doublenest designers had in mind. However, make sure you double-check your combined weight against the Eno Doublenest Weight Limit of 400lbs before you go tying it from two high trees. Nobody likes plummeting toward the ground in the middle of the night!




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