What to Wear on a Hiking Date? – Full Guide

what to wear on a hiking date

When you think of a perfect date, you usually picture yourself with your special one in a restaurant. Eating together is nice, but there are many fun activities suitable for lovebirds. One of the most popular nowadays is, without a doubt, hiking. Going for a hike allows you to keep fit, recharge your batteries, and have some romantic time with your partner. Plus, hiking outfits could be intriguing. 

Are you wondering how you can be attractive in sportswear? Read the article and discover what to wear on a hiking date to look your best.

Fabrics to Avoid

Just a note before we start: no matter the season, some materials are a no-go for hiking. Among useless textile fibers, there is silk. A hiking date is not a catwalk, so your clothes should do more than highlight your body. Hiking outfits, in particular, have to regulate your body thermal function and protect you from scratches and bugs. 

It may sound strange, but you should avoid 100% cotton t-shirts, leggings, and trousers too.Cotton is among the most resistant natural fibers. From this perspective, wearing cotton clothes should be fine because it implies that they won’t tear during your hikes. The problem, however, is that this material absorbs and retains moisture. Thus, if you wear 100% cotton clothes while doing sports, you soon get soaked, and your clothes never dry out. This may lead to hypothermia, a condition that is dangerous both in winter and in summer. 

What to Wear on a Hiking Date in Summer 

Since the warm season is approaching, we will talk about the essentials for a summer date first. This article’s goal is to address all kinds of readers, so we will cover both womenswear and menswear. 

Because of the high temperatures, in summer you usually don’t need to wear lots of clothes. Nonetheless, if you go for a hike in the mountains, keep in mind that the weather can change pretty fast. What’s the golden rule if you go camping or hiking in the woods at high-altitudes? Dress in layers. In other words, bring an extra jacket with you. And if you are hot, you can tie it to your hips or put it in your backpack. Let’s see in detail how to dress for a summer hike. 

basic women apparel for summer hiking date

Basic Women Apparel 

Sport Bra 

When you take a hike in the sun, you don’t need much, just a breathable layer to get rid of moisture. A sports bra could be the right solution. 

Nowadays, brands design sports bras to support all kinds of breasts, and they use all sorts of materials. As we already said, if you don’t want to be covered in sweat all day, don’t buy 100% cotton products. Synthetic material, instead, will allow moisture to disperse and your skin to stay dry. And, since the bra will dry in no time, there will be no embarrassing odors. 

You don’t feel comfortable showing your belly? Substitute the sports bra with a tank top made of moisture-wicking fibers, like polyester or elastane. 


During summer hikes, you sweat a lot, even in places you never thought about! Remember, moisture can cause infections, so on these occasions, you should wear breathable clothes only. A pair of synthetic undies will make sure your skin stays dry. With regards to the model, you can choose the one you prefer. Instead, to avoid unpleasant friction, you need to make sure that your underwear is not too loose. You don’t want the fabric to move here and there, do you? 

Also, when buying, check over the seams. The best solution for hikes is a seamless model because wearing it will prevent you from getting scratches.


You may already have lots of these in your wardrobe. Not all of them, though, are suitable for your hiking date. In fact, you can only wear leggings for outdoor activities if they are made of moisture-wicking mesh. Besides sweat, you have to consider that other elements can make your clothes wet. For example, you could face sudden rain showers or have to deal with mud, tall grass, etc. 

Moreover, some of the leggings that they sell for everyday use feature body compression. Even though they are perfect for emphasizing your body shape, they are a no-go for hikes. 


No, the denim ones will not do.  Are you asking yourself why? First, denim shorts limit your movements (even the stretch ones). Second, they are made of cotton, so if you get wet, your shorts will stay soaked all day long. Moreover, they can cause bruises too. Denim is resistant, but it is not very elastic. Thus, wearing a pair of denim shorts all day long could cause damages to your skin. 

So which ones are okay? Well, if you prefer to wear shorts while hiking, be sure to wear those made of quick-dry fabrics only. 

men apparel for summer hiking

Basic Men Apparel for Hikes


Sweating is natural, especially in summer. While you can’t prevent a natural condition, you can help your skin stay dry even in the most delicate places. How to do it? By wearing exclusively breathable clothing when you do sports, including boxers. Remember: polyester boxers rhyme with happy hikes.


You may have planned to play sports shirtless because of the heat, but this is really a bad idea. First, if the sun hits hard, you might get sunburned. Second, you might encounter mud, bugs, etc., on the trail. The right thing to do, instead, is to wear a sports shirt made of breathable fabrics. If you are worried about comfort, don’t be. This kind of t-shirt dries quickly when wet, plus it’s very lightweight, so you won’t feel it on your skin. 

Hiking Pants

Not all hikes are the same. Some of them, in fact, could require more protections if the trail features tall grass. In these cases, you would want to wear long pants that prevent bugs from attacking your legs, namely hiking pants. Hiking pants come in all sorts of materials and thicknesses. Of course, in the summer, you need a lightweight fabric that keeps you fresh while walking. Spandex and polyamides are the answer. 


We said it before in the womenswear section: avoid denim at all costs! Even though men’s denim shorts are longer, they have no protective functions. Instead, they block your movements. Plus, they will never dry out if you accidentally fall in the mud or get wet due to a downpour. The only suitable shorts for hikes are made of synthetic fabrics. 

Unisex Clothing and Accessories 

Of course, there are pieces of clothes and accessories both suitable for men and women. Below you can find a brief list.

  • Hiking Boots 

    Maybe you planned to wear a pair of sneakers, but not all models are okay for hikes. Specific boots, instead, provide the support you need to walk any kind of path. Summer hiking shoes, in particular, should protect the ankle, be waterproof and breathable. 

  • Sun Hat 

    A baseball cap would do, but you can use shade hats as well. 

  • Windbreaker Jacket 

    It does not have to be a heavy-weight jacket. You just need to protect yourself from the wind and downpours, so a synthetic jacket with Gore-tex membrane will do. 

What to Wear on a Hiking Date in Winter

In winter you have to dress up as much as you can. After all, if you are hot, you can take a layer off. If you forgot something home, on the other hand, hypothermia danger would get real.

For winter hikes, people wear at least three layers:

  • A base layer

    Its function is to get rid of sweat. Remember, the more you sweat, the more your body temperature decreases. And you don’t want that to happen, ever.

  • A mid-layer

    This one, instead, should provide isolation. In other words, it has to keep all the warmth close to your body.

  • A top layer 

    It has to shield you from the wind and the snow. If one of these is able to surpass the layer, your heat system would be compromised.

Of course, you can think of wearing more layers if you are sensitive to the cold.

women apparel for winter hiking date

Basic Women Apparel for Hikes


In the summer section, we said that the best solution to keep your skin dry is wearing polyester undies. While they are a great option, in winter you may want to wear something warmer. In this case, you can choose merino wool undergarments. Don’t worry: besides keeping you warm, merino products can absorb moisture and dry out quickly, so you would not be soaked all day long.


Nowadays, they sell all kinds of leggings, even the thermic ones, those with fleece inside. These ones would be perfect for hiking in winter. When purchasing them, remember to check the fabric (always say no to cotton!) and have a close look at the stitching. Those with lots of stitches are a no-no if you don’t want to get bruises. Please note: if you go hiking in snowy places, one layer could not be enough so consider buying waterproof pants.

men apparel for winter hiking

Basic Men Apparel for Hikes


When you go hiking in the mountains, it can really get cold. That’s why you need some underwear that keeps you warm and dry at the same time (you don’t want infections, right?). Merino is the way to go. Since it’s breathable, in fact, you would never be too hot. Merino wool is very soft, and textiles made from it have a fine texture, so this material will never cause itching problems. 

Hiking Pants

Maybe you are already thinking of buying the most padded trousers you can find on the market. Stop right now! If you dress too much on the bottom, it would be hard to solve on the go. What you actually need for your hiking date is water and wind-resistant hiking pants made of breathable materials. Moreover, they have to be reinforced on the knees to guarantee protection if you fall. Last, they must have pockets.

Unisex Clothing and Accessories 

Winter is not about showing your body. All you want to do is to dress appropriately to safeguard your health. That’s why men and women share lots of pieces of clothing in winter.

  • Long-Sleeved Shirt

    This is your top part of the base layer. Its function is to make sweat evaporate quickly, so buying merino or polyamide products is the right thing to do. It does not have to be heavy-weighted, or it would not absolve its function.

  • Fleece Sweatshirt

    That is your mid-layer. If you prefer natural materials over synthetic, you can choose to wear a merino sweatshirt.

  • Waterproof Pants

    They are a cover for your hiking pants. Wear them to protect yourself from the rain, mud, etc. 

  • Hiking Boots

    They have to be isolating and breathable at the same time. Moreover, hiking boots have to be waterproof, and the soles must be ground-gripping.  

  • Flight Jacket

    This is the top layer that will protect you from the wind or the snow, so choose your model carefully.

  • Waterproof Gloves

    You could wear simple gloves, but you don’t want to get your hand all wet if you fall, do you?

  • Bean Hat.

Suitable for Every Season 

Last, there are things you should use on every occasion.

  • Merino Socks 

    Yes, merino is a wool quality. With this kind of wool, though, they can create lightweight socks capable of absorbing all the humidity and keep your skin dry.

  • Sunglasses

    Do not buy cheap models. Sunglasses should protect your eyes from the most dangerous rays: UV rays. Especially when you are in the mountains. Remember, either it’s winter or summer, the sun rays are always malicious for your eyes. 

We have come to the end of this article. Are you dreaming of going for a hike with your sweetheart after reading it? To be honest, we have to tell you that this is just a brief introduction to the topic. Sure, now you know what to wear on a hiking date, but you need more information, especially if you want to go to the mountains. However, we have the solution for you: keep following our website and read our news to stay up to date! See you soon!

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